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Personal grievances

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Q: What are the causes of Diego Silang revolt?
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What are the causes of Diego silang?

Personal grievances

Was rizal the prime mover of the revolution?

ilocano..... remember the basi revolt? then comes diego& gabriela silang...

What is the difference of Silang's revolt with other revolts in the Philippines?

The Silang Revolt happened during the British occupation of the Philippines during the Spanish colonization period. Don't get confused, it's still the Spanish period. The British actually asked the help of Diego Silang to overthrow the Spanish Rule. -Leo Amadeus Ruiz. :)

Was the silang revolt successful?

The Silang Revolt against the Spanish occupation in the Philippines ended in defeat. One of its leaders, Gabriela Silang was executed by Spanish authorities.

Who is Diego Silang?

Diego Silang y Andaya is considered one the heroes of the Phillipines. In the 18th century, he worked with the British to overthrow the Spanish in the northern Phillipines. Wikipedia has a brief article, and a link is provided.

What actors and actresses appeared in Diego Silang - 1951?

The cast of Diego Silang - 1951 includes: Nena Cardenas Leila Morena as Gabriela Vicos-Silang

Who is Diego Silang's wife?


Sino si Gabriela silang?

siya ang asawa ni diego silang

Mga tanyag na tao sa rehiyon 1?

diego silang at gabriela silang

Contribution of Diego silang?

He fight for the sake of the Filipinos.

Her name starts with a G she continued the revolt started by her husband in Ilocos?

Gabriela Silang

Who were some of the Filipino heroes under the spaniard people?

Andres Bonifacio Diego Silang