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Aerosols - biological agents are dispersed into the air, forming a fine mist that may drift for miles. Inhaling the agent may cause epidemic diseases in human beings or animals.

· Animals - some diseases are spread by insects and animals, such as fleas, mice, flies, mosquitoes, and livestock.

· Food and water contamination - some pathogenic organisms and toxins may persist in food and water supplies. Most microbes can be killed, and toxins deactivated, by cooking food and boiling water. Most microbes are killed by boiling water for one minute, but some require longer. Follow official instructions.

· Person-to-person - spread of a few infectious agents is also possible. Humans have been the source of infection for smallpox, plague, and the Lassa viruses.


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biological disasters: biological weapons are of several types release of germs or other biological substances which when inhaled or may enter through a cut in the skin, causes contagious diseases and kills people in large number over a period of time.

Erthquake, chemial and biological disasters

Rain and wind storms Floods Biological agents (micro-organisms, insect or vermin infestation) Earthquakes Volcanic eruptions

The mitigation for a biological disaster would be quarantine. The prevention of biological disasters could be vaccine's and homeland security.

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A pathogen is a biological organism that causes a disease.

all biological enities are evolutionary experiments and will necessarily mutate but biological individuals are dead ends in the process.

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Biological. General rule, anything alive which causes weathering is biological weathering.

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