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What are the causes of ear clogs?

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Wax, water, infection, narrowing of the ear canal.

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What causes ocean sounds in your ear?

What causes an ocean sound in the ear with blocked hearing

What causes pus to come out of the ear?

If you have pus coming out of your ear, you probably have an ear infection.

What are the causes of hearing disorders?

The causes of hearing disorders are Damage to the inner ear. Buildup of ear wax. Ear Infection and abnormal bone growths or tumors. Ruptured Ear drum.

What happens if water gets in your ear?

you will get what we call "swimmer's ear" it means that the water clogs your ears so you can't hear clearly a good way to get rid of this is to tip your head in the direction of your affected ear and pat the other this is very effective

What causes subjective tinnitus?

The causes of subjective tinnitus include: impacted ear wax ear infections hardening of the structures of the inner ear hearing loss related to age

What causes ear infections?


What causes your ear to throb?

Your ear may throb when you have an ear infection. The buildup of fluid in the inner or middle ear and the resulting pressure is the reason for the throbbing.

What are the symptoms of ear bleeding?

The symptoms of ear bleeding would be blood coming from the ear or ears. Is the question more likely, "What are the causes of ear bleeding?"

Causes of swimmers ear?

It is caused by water entering the ear canal. You should get it out after swimming.

What causes a humming sound in my ear?


What causes swimmers ear?

contaminated water

Condition that causes a ring in your ear?

its an infection

What is the causes of forming a cyst at ear?


What causes rabbits ear to drop?

when there scred

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WhatCauses swollen ear lobe?

There are several causes of a swollen ear lobe. Some of the conditions that can cause this are an ear infection, glue ear, Swimmer's ear, folliculitis and Meniere's disease.

What causes a burst ear drum?

An ear drum bursts by water putting pressure on the back of it.

What causes rashes behind one ear and then the other ear?

it could be exema or an allergic reaction

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What causes ear ache?

When water goes into the ear and stays there.When you dig the inner ear with a key or any other sharp object.

What is gule ear?

Gule ear is a condition where the middle ear fills with glue like fluid instead of air. This causes dull hearing.

What causes dizziness with a ear infection?

The labyrinth, in our inner ear, is connected to our balance system. An ear infection can affect this, in turn affecting balance.