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What are the causes of melting of glaciers?

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  1. A rise in the temperature of the air around the glacier.
  2. Increasing accumulation of dust [from volcanic eruptions for one example] on the glacier's surface. The "dirtier" the the surface of the glacier's ice, the less sunlight it reflects, and the more sunlight it absorbs, increasing its surface temperature, and causing increased melting.
  3. Glaciers are melting because of Global Warming . The toxic chemicals that come from things like cars and factories make an attraction to the sun there for it heats up the earth . This is actually very bad because glaciers cool the atmosphere , and if they're gone the whole entire planet will heat up the a degree where nothing can live on it , and that also goes for the icebergs etc .
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How do glaciers change Earth?


What causes water to rise?

the melting of ice or glaciers

What causes the size of the Atlantic Oceans growth?

Melting Glaciers

What is the best slogan for melting glaciers?

slogans on melting glaciers

What causes glaciers to shrink?

Melting and compacting of water versus solid ice, which could not compact.

What causes change in the environment?

Global warmingnew roads and citiesdeforestationglaciers melting

How can you stop the melting glaciers?

To stop melting glaciers you must stop global warming.

Why is the melting of glaciers an urgent environmental concern?

Why is the melting of glaciers an urgent enviromental concern

What is happening to mountain glaciers and why is this of concern?

the moutains glaciers are melting.

What are the physical causes of flooding?

Excessive rainfall, melting of glaciers, washing away and lowering of river-bank by erosion.

What do melting glaciers have to do with science?


Can melting glaciers increase ocean acidity?

No. Melting glaciers add clean fresh water to the oceans, so their melting decreases ocean acidity.

What causes the melting of ice?

Warmth causes ice to melt. An ice cube in a cup of hot tea melts very quickly. Glaciers around the world are melting because of the warmth in the atmosphere from global warming.

What process forms ridges and valleys?

Glaciers, mostly Glaciers Melting

What type of phase change is occurring in glaciers?

melting is happening to the glaciers.

What are the causes of melting of glaciers of India?

Due to global warming. Rise in temperature. Climate change. Due to weather cycle.

What will happen if the glaciers continue to melt?

Glaciers are always melting. If the rate of melting exceeds the rate of accumulation, they will recede. If the rate of accumulation exceeds the rate of melting, they will advance.

How lake was made?

By the melting of glaciers

Will glaciers melting help us in agriculture?

No, they won't. On the other hand, this phenomenon causes bad consequences for our life. When The glaciers melt, the sea level will inrease. As the result, we will lose cultivated (farming) land and living land. Glaciers melting is big problem for Scientist nowaday.It is happening day by day on our earth. Who know the future will be if All Glaciers on our earth melt ? It can be a Disaster.

How did glaciers shape the land in Pennsylvania?

i think glaciers shapes the land by melting

How does global warming affect glaciers?

Global warming is increasing, meaning melting the glaciers. The temperature is warming up and causing the glaciers to melt.It is melting them causing ocean water levels to get higher.

Can rivers and lakes be made from glaciers?

Many lakes and rivers are fed by melting glaciers.

What are the 2 types of glaciers?

frozen and melting...

How were the Great Lakes created?

by the melting of glaciers

How was great lakes formed?

By melting glaciers