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Before we get into the causes of piercing migration and rejection, here

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Q: What are the causes of piercing migration and rejection?
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What are the problems that one can have when ear piercing is done in an unhygienic way?

Horrible infections, migration, or rejection. Just go to a professional to be safe!

What are the risks of getting a nape piercing?

Your biggest concerns will be rejection and migration.Causes of Migration and RejectionThere are several causes of migration which include:Up Pressure: Where the jewelry exerts pressure up on the skin above it, which stresses the tissue and partially stops blood supply to the area.General Damage: Damage caused from the piercing process, weakening the tissues around the holes.Motion: Certain areas of the body receive more movement than others, and in the case of surface piercings, the more movement the higher your chances of rejection because of the added there pressure, stretching, twisting, and compression to the skin.Impact: Again, placement is very important for surface piercings. If you get one in a location that is prone to wear and tear, your chances of migration are again heightened. Impact does not include just hitting the piercing, but any friction towards it, which include clothing.Improper Drainage: If the piercing is not able to drain the dead tissues, migration can be a problem.

What was the main cause of Muhammad's hijra or migration?

Answer: The rejection of his message by the people of Mecca caused Muhammed's migration to Medina.

What is the best thing to do in order to reduce the chance of migration and rejection with an Anti Eyebrow piercing?

Sometimes rejection just can't be helped. Definitely get micro dermals instead of a surface bar to make things go smoother. Be cautious when getting dressed and put bandages on them before bed so that you don't rip them out in your sleep. Keep them clean just like any other piercing!

Is there any piercings that reject?

All piercings are at risk from migration and rejection, just depends how you look after it after it's pierced. It also depends what area it is and what KIND of piercing it is. For instance a surface piercing done on the wrist with a surface bar is more likely to reject than a helix piercing in the upper ear. This is because the wrist is a high movement area. (:

What is Cristina Piercing known for?

Christina Piercing is not a person but is a type of piercing. In this case, a decorative stud is placed in the female genital area. This type of piercing can be uncomfortable is has a high rate of rejection.

Where are the main veins in your tongue that you have to avoid when self piercing?

It is called the arterial vein, and should not be punctured. Never ever pierce yourself, especially your tongue. You run the risk of irritation, infection, migration, rejection and even Hepatitis if you are not careful.

What was the cause of Indian migration to America?

what are the causes of the migration of the navajos

The stud that was pierced into your nose has disappeared into the piercing what should you do?

Go to a doctor right away. This is a sign of rejection and the jewelry must be removed before it causes any long term problems.

What is the affect of piercing in the eyebrow?

It can get infected easily. It has a high chance of rejection which will leave a scar.

What were the causes of the great migration?

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How does piercing rejection start?

Generally rejection starts when you notice the tissue between the entry and exit points going from a normal flesh tone to a more pinkish tone. This can be due to jewellery that is ill fitting (generally too large or long for the piercing) causing stress on the actual tissue retaining the piercing. If you notice this tonal change in the skin, that's the time you should ask yourself if you want to keep the piercing or not. If you opt to loose the piercing or have it redone then remove the jewellery from the piercing and see your local professional body piercer for a second opinion. Sometimes changing the jewellery can revert a migration by minimizing the irritation longer or over sized jewellery can cause.

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