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irritants (dust, make up, allergens, smoke, etc.)

conjunctivitis (pink eye)

eye strain from prolonged reading, computer use


dry eyes

crying Lack of sleep and headaches can also cause eyes to feel sore. Quite often a warm or cool compress (wet cloth) placed over the eyes for a few minutes can help alleviate the soreness.

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What are some of the causes of eye ailments?

sore eyes, irritated eyes sore eyes, irritated eyes

Bacteria that causes sore eyes?

Bacterial conjunctivitis causes sore eyes. The redness of the eyes goes together with swelling of the eyelid. Anesthetic eye drops can be used to relieve the pain.

What causes sore eyeballs?

Sore eyes can come from a few different things such as dry eyes, allergies and over straining your eyes. Contact lenses are known to cause dry eyes, making them itch and feel sore. Scratching your eyes, whether due to allergies or dry eyes can cause them to become sore, red and irritated. Staring at a computer screen or anything for a long period of time can also cause sore eyes.

Do dogs have sore eyes?

Dogs can get sore eyes.

What is the other term for sore eyes?

The other term for sore eyes is conjunctivitis.

Is there any over the counter drug for sore eyes?

my question is what is the meaning of sore eyes?

What is the word for sore and red around the eyes?

Bleaky is the word for sore and red around the eyes.

What causes flutters sore breast and cramps?

What causes flutters sore breast and cramps?

Sore throat and red sore eyes?

because you have a cold.

What are the side effects of sore eyes?

It depends what is causing the pain. Sore eyes are the symptoms, but the cause is what can have additional effects.

What does it mean when someone calls you sore eyes?

It's A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES -- it means that they are happy to see you --- seeing you makes their eyes feel better.

Sentence with the word sore?

All the dust made my eyes sore.

What causes pain in the sternum?


How do you sooth sore eyes from chlorine?

Ok this doesn't cure sore eyes but if your in the shower get a towel and wet it then close your eyes and lightly rub the lids. it may feel sore when you wipe your face with a towel so press the towel lightly on your eyes

What part of the eye affected when you have sore eyes?

Sore eyes affect the outer lining of the eyeball and the inner lining of the eyelid.

When was A Sight for Sore Eyes - novel - created?

A Sight for Sore Eyes - novel - was created in 1998-09.

Does chlorine in pool protect your eyes?

No, it makes your eyes sore.

Why are your eyes sore at night?

Your eyes are getting used to darkness.

Your a site for sore eyes?

Are you asking what "your a sight for sore eyes" means, well, it means that the person/thing you are talking to looks horrible oramazing You see a big chocolate bar with a note that says it is to you, that's a sight for sore eyes. Or if the person you are talking to has a really cool outfit on, you would say, "your a sight for sore eyes!"

Why do puppies get with sore eyes?

Puppies might get sore eyes because they have an eye infection. There may also be something in their eye from birth.

Do sore throats causes hyperthyroidism?

No, but hypERthyroidism can cause a sore throat.

Is kalamansi effective for sore eyes?

YES, Some put calamansi extract on eyes, it is painful but it help to treat sore eyes, it is not recommended so try it on your own risk.

You have sore temples on both sides a spot inside your right ear is sore and your eyes feel very uncomfortable?

Sore temples and eyes are an indicator of a migraine. Closing your eyes and turning down lights and sounds can help to relieve migraine pain.

What are the ratings and certificates for My Sight for Sore Eyes - 2014?

My Sight for Sore Eyes - 2014 is rated/received certificates of: South Africa:16LV

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