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What are the causes of starvation?

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There are many different causes of anorexia and self-starvation, and no individual may have just a single cause. Often, anorexia is something that builds up or involves many pushing factors. Anorexia can be referred to often as a "diet gone too far", or something that maybe started out not so serious and developed into something much worse. Common causes and trigger include....

* Bullying/teasing (especially about weight and appearacnes)

* Obsessive dieting

* Yo-yo dieting

* Low self-esteem

* Low sense of self-worth

* OCD or "Perfectionism"

* BDD (Body Dismorphic Disorder)

* Family/friends influences

* Genetics (this is only a theory, more research is pending to support or deny this possibility)

* Social/media influences and pressures

* Depression

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What are some of the causes of starvation?

Starvation can be caused by a few factors. Natrual causes would be famine, severe drought, food shortages, or a medical condition that prevents proper nourishment. Some people also have eating disorders, which can lead to forms of starvation. There are dozens of potential causes or mixes of causes for such eating disorders.

What are causes of hyperpnea?

Head injury Starvation Shock

What causes starvation in the middle ages?

Lack of air

What are the leading causes of death today?

the leading causes are starvation, heart and stroke disease and cancer.

What were the greatest causes of death in the Virginia company's settlements?


What causes canine starvation?

When they have not eaten for a long time. It is not good.

Kwashiorkor causes muscles to waste away and bellies to protrude What causes kwashiorkor?

Starvation (lack of protein)

What were the largest causes of death in the Virginia Company's settlements?

starvation and disease

What were common causes of death due to overcrowding ghettos in the holocaust?

Disease and starvation.

What are the causes of the 1917 revolution?

the causes were starvation and human suffering, because of this, the Bolsheviks revolted to dethrone the Czar and execute the whole family.

List some possible causes of starvation?

Starvation happens when the body does not receive enough nutrients (food) and water. This can happen for a few reasons, like a famine, poiverty (cannot afford food), or dangerous starvation / deprivation diets.

What are common causes of wildlife mortality?

starvation, climate, hunting, disease and over-eating

What causes migraines to last for days?

Usually when the body goes into starvation mode due to lack of carbs. these can also derive from prolonged stress,and as afore mentioned, from prolonged starvation

What causes death for the people in the age of 1-38?

War accident disease starvation.

What causes a guinea pig to die?

Starvation, dehydration, old age, sickness, disease, and or the family cat.

What are the Main Causes of Death in North Korea?

The main cause of death for N. Korea now is starvation.

Effects of unbalanced diet due to starvation and malnutrition?

Causes inadequate growth of the body, Anoxeria and bulemia.

What causes starvation?

Starvation can be caused by various things; Starvation can be purposly caused by somebody with an eating disorder (anorexia). Or in less economicly developed countries, starvation can be caused by lack of money, in these cases many people suffer from starvation and disease, because there is simply not enough food or money to accomodate the population.Starvation is also caused by lack of nutrition from the food they eat. If someone only ate rocks and dirt, they would starve.

Why do turtles die?

turtles usually die of natural causes or starvation. after all no one and nothing lasts forever.

How did people of the Peloponnesian War die?

Natural causes, disease, starvation, wounds, other trauma, same then as now.

How can a large population affect countries?

over population causes, poverty, crime, corruption, starvation, and destroys the country.

What mechanism of evolution causes a population to decrease drastically?

None. Big population drops are usually caused by starvation.

How can you use the word starvation in a sentence?

The word 'starvation' is a noun; a word for the suffering or death caused by hunger.A noun functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Examples:Starvation is caused by natural disaster or man-made disaster. (subject of the sentence)The physical damage that starvation causes can take years to overcome. (subject of the relative clause)China's 'Great Leap Forward' caused the starvation of many people. (object of the verb 'caused')Many people in Jamestown died of starvation. (object of the preposition 'of')

What are the causes and effects of starvation?

Causes:- not eating and over exercising.Effects:- could lead to bulimia/anorexia. dizziness, hair loss, health implications such as if you're dangerously underweight it can lead to a heart attack. bones can wear down. fainting, depression there are so many different effects off starvation.

Does starvation help you to lose weight?

No, starvation makes it more difficult to lose weight, and causes your body to lose muscle weight at a similar rate as fat weight, weakening the body and leading to medical conditions such as anemia. The body will still maintain unattractive fat weight while on a starvation diet.