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What are the causes of the drive shaft noise?

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Drive Shaft Noises: When operating a vehicle to verify a complaint. Keep in mind that other components could be At Fault. A worn wheel bearing, squeaking spring, defective tire, transmission, or differential troubles could be at fault. You must use your knowledge of each system to detect which component is causing the trouble. Drive shaft noises are usually caused by worn U- joints, slip joint wear, or a faulty center support bearing. Drive shaft noises and possible causes are as follows: · Grinding and squeaking from the drive shaft is frequently caused by worn universal joints. The joints become dry, causing the rollers to wear. The unlubricated, damaged rollers then produce a grinding or squeaking sound, as they operate on the scored cap and cross surfaces. · A clunking sound, when going from acceleration to deceleration or deceleration to acceleration, may be caused by slip yoke problems. The splines may be worn. The yoke transmission extension housing bushing may also be worn. This will let the yoke move up and down with changes in drive line torque. An excessively worn U-joint or differential problem can also cause a similar noise. · A whining sound from the drive shaft is sometimes caused by a dry, worn center support bearing. Since this bearing makes complete revolutions. it will make a different sound than a bad universal joint. A high pitched. More constant, whine will usually come from a faulty center support bearing. Any other abnormal sound should be traced using your knowledge of mechanics. A stethoscope and the vehicles service manual troubleshooting chart.

2009-08-06 13:31:31
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Why does your drive shaft make a squeaking noise while in drive only?

Check your universal joints!

What causes a 1993 ford ranger 4 wheel drive extended cab to make a clunking noise in forward and reverse?

Drive shaft play/possible worn/bad ujoints /driveshaft

What causes a car's wheel to knock loudly when you are turning?

My first thought is that the wheel bearing is failing....replace it soon! The other idea is the front half shaft CV Joint is failing. ( the front wheel shaft on the side the noise comes from)

What causes excess torque on a drive shaft?


What car make has no drive shaft?

None. Every engine has a drive shaft, which connects to the transmission, and ultimately causes the wheels to turn.

Why plastic coating on propellor shaft yoke of automobile?

The chances are the shaft in question is most likely made of aluminium. The "tube"of the shaft will carry "noise" of the drive train. The covering is there to help limit the noise and vibration. It is more for dampening noise than a structural covering.

The 1997 Lincoln mark viii transmission make a noise when i backup?

Typical U-Joint noise. Makes noise in reverse but not in drive. Check both front and rear U-joints of the drive shaft. If one is bad replace both. You do not want to go through R&R of the drive shaft twice.

What causes a car to jugger after changing drive shaft?


What causes a grinding noise from the right passenger side?

Bearings, cv shaft, or brakes.

What causes a popping noise from the front end while backing up when weather is cold?

One cause of a popping noise from the front end while backing up in cold weather is the drive shaft. A mechanic can help find the problem.

Why does your drive shaft make a squeaking noise when you back up?

Possible failed u-joint.

What revolutions occur in the movement of a car?

The Crank shaft turns and causes the cam shaft to turn, the pumps to turn, the alternator to turn, the transmission gears to turn, the transmission causes the drive shaft to turn, the drive shaft causes the differential to turn (in rear wheel drive models) this turns the axles and the axles turn the wheels. In a front wheel model, the transmission turns the axles shaft that turns the wheels. In a 4x4 the transmission splits to turn the front drive shaft and the rear drive shaft. (then the differential and the axles etc. The other thing that is counted is the steering wheel but it never really completes a whole revolution.

What causes a whistling noise in a 2006 Saturn vue when highway driving speeds get up to 35-40 miles per hour?

drive shaft carrier bearing needs to be replaced

What is Clunk noise in rear taking off?

Need to check the rear u-joint in the drive shaft.

What would cause a constant roarng Noise from rear of 2003 neon front wheel drive?

it might be your drive shaft or transmission going out.

What can cause a squeaking noise from the drive shaft of a Ford F350 crew cab?

it could be a bad universal joint.

When Noise at drive shaft when driving?

If you meant "Why is there a vibration, or vibration like sound when I'm driving" it is because either the drive-shaft is dented or one of the balancing weights is removed. Or basically it is not balanced, therefore vibration occurs.

Who invented the drive shaft and when?

A drive shaft allows torque to enter a motor. Louis Renault of France was the inventor of the drive shaft. He invented the drive shaft in 1898.

I have 97 jeep grand Cherokee quadratrack with 5 inch lift has noise like bad cv shaft but both are new is it the front driveshaft?

I;m not sure if this the prob. but when you lifted the jeep did you re-align the wheels? Or the drive shaft could be at to much of a angle for the u-joints. with a lift the drive shaft will probably need to be lengthend. Most of these items will cause noise.

What happens when gasoline is burned in an engine?

When gasoline is burned in an engine, it causes the pistons to go up and down. The pistons then turn the cam shaft which turns the transmission and drive shaft. The drive shaft turns the wheels after the car is put into gear.

Why does my Steering wheel make a clicking noise when i turn it to the right when turning right?

The drive shaft may need to be tightened

Clicking noise coming from the drive shaft between 20 and 30 mph what could it be?

Possible a failing U-joint.

What if your xk8 has a clunking noise from the drive shaft at low speed?

There is something serious wrong, please have it checked by a knowledgeable person.

What causes a popping noise in steering column when turning?

I heard it was an intermediate steering shaft and cost around 130.00 dollars

What causes a motor to shake going 50 mph?

Possibly a broken motor mount? Depends what kind of vibration you are feeling Have you checked the tires for blisters? What is the angle of difference between the transmission tail shaft and the drive shaft? Has the drive shaft been balanced?