What are the cell part involved in producing energy?


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Mitochondria are the organelles that produce the majority of the energy (in the form of ATP) for a cell.

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The Mitochondria is regarded as the "powerhouse" of the cell and is responsible for producing ATP.

The mitochondria is the energy producing organelle inside of a cell.

Energy is produced through respiration.Mitochondria is responsible for it.

The part of the cell that produces energy varies between plants and animals. In plants, the energy producing part of the cell occurs in the chloroplast of the plant. In animals, the mitochondria produces the cells energy.

The powerhouse of the cells is known as mitochondria, an organelle that is involved in the ATP-producing process. ATP is the source of energy for your whole body, and therefore your cells contain mitochondria to essentially power the cell.

mitochondriya is a part of cell ;which is responsible for producing the energy for each cell. it is also known as the 'power house' of a cell.

Eukaryotic Cells possess an ancient invader that grew to become the Cell's power-house - the mitochondria - look elsewhere for the description of its function, Thanks.

No, chloroplasts are the energy producing part of plants.

The Mitochondria is the cell part that releases energy.

Mitochondria is most important part of cell that produces ATP (energy ) in cell . Some energy is produced in cytoplasm .

Lysosome is not a cell but part of a cell .It is mostly involved in digestion .

What part of the animal cell is responsible for energy production?

The chloroplast is the part of a plant cell that traps the Sun's energy.

false. The chloroplast is the food producing part of a plant cell.

Aerobic Cellular Respiration is a part of the cellular respiration and it plays an important role in producing energy that is required for the various functions of the cell.

The Golgi Bodies are involved in transport I think.....

The nucleus directs all organelle activity inside of a cell. It is also known as the "brain" of the cell. The nucleus contains a nucleolus which is involved with digestion and energy for which the cell can use.

In a plant cells what part processes energy

The mitochrodion burns glucose, which gives off energy to the cell.

Energy in the cell is made from the hydrolysis of ATP. This occurs mostly in the mitochondria (the power house of the cell).

Nucleus and centrioles are most important parts of cell involved in cell reproduction .

The Mitochondria is the "powerhouse" of the cell and provides energy for the cell. If you are talking about a plant cell then the chloroplasts are what make the food for the cell.

If you mean mitochondRia it is the part of a cell that produces energy for the cell.

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