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Q: What are the ceremonies that the eastern woodland people did?
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What are the ... special ceremonies of eastern woodland Indians?

the snake dance

Did the eastern woodland native American group have ceremonies?

yes they did

How were eastern woodland peoples grouped as Iroquois or algonquian?

how were the eastern woodland people grouped as iroquois or algonquian

How did the Eastern Woodland?

people attac ed them

A state is named after this eastern woodland group?

The eastern woodland group was known for hunting and gathering. The native people of the area were very traditional. The state of Delaware is named after an eastern woodland group.

Who do the eastern woodland Indians have hope in?

they have hope in people

What types of dances did the eastern woodland people do?

The bunnty dance

Eastern woodland society clothing?

Eastern woodland society clothing is...???

Did eastern woodland people have towns and farms?

Eastern woodland people did indeed have towns and farms. These towns and farms may have looked differently than towns and farms today do though.

Why do the eastern woodland people matter?

All people matter regardless of where they reside.

What were some European influences on the eastern woodland tribe?

Eastern woodland same as eastern native americans

What is the shelter of the eastern woodland people?

long houses and maybe wigwams.