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The answer to this question requires addressing multiple issues: (1) What was your education/experience before you were at home and how have you kept up with the changing workplace? (2) How well can you articulate the positive growth that resulted from your decision to stay at home? (3) Why is now the right time for you to return to the work force? (1) With respect to the first question, it is important for your employer to know the extent of your prior experience, and what you've done to stay current. For example, if you worked as a business manager ten years ago, you might include on your resume your computer competency with current software, any continuing education classes you've taken, or periodicals/books you've read to understand the changing environment. (2) With respect to the second question, think about why you decided to stay at home. Did you take a few years off to explore a hobby? Did you do so to pursue higher education? Or did you choose to stay at home to rear children? Whatever your reason for staying at home, consider the wealth of experience that staying at home has given you, and learn to portray that on your resume and in an interview. For example, if you stayed at home to rear children, you might include any volunteer activity or leadership roles you held in organisations such as the PTA, Scouts, or neighborhood clubs, and how much you've learned about time management. These skills are absolutely essential to success in a business role. If you stayed at home to explore a hobby, think about what you achieved and learned, and how you grew from the experience. (3) With respect to the third question, you must be able to explain why now is the right time for you to return to the work force. An employer wants to hear why s/he should hire you, whether your straight out of college or straight out of the home. This answer involves passion for the business and a hunger to learn and achieve. You should soul search to figure out why you want to get a job, and then *practice* *practice* *practice* telling that passionate story story to your employer. With God all things are possible. There is a perfect job for you just keep looking and do not take no for an answer you have to make a living.

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Q: What are the chances of a 45 year old woman getting a good job after being at home for a period of several years?
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