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It's normal for a woman to not find out until after a month or two that they are pregnant. I wouldn't worry about it, but definitely tell your Dr. in case your age or current physical shape could be factors. Never mind the baby, 2-4 glasses of wine a day is unhealthy for you. Women should have only 14 units of alcohol a week, a 4 oz glass of wine is 1 unit and you were drinking nearly twice that amount at least.

2006-08-06 10:05:25
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What are the chances the father of a child get custody if he abandoned the mother during pregnancy?

The possibilities are endless.

Could you miscarry if you dont eat during pregnancy?

Not eating is VERY UNHEALTHY let alone during pregnancy. if this were to happen mother and baby would face serious consequences. even miscarrige or death of the mother

Is it normal to go off all food when you are pregnant?

No, and it's very unhealthy for the child if the mother isn't eating. Normally pregnancy results in huge appetite.

What are the survival chances for a infant born to a syphilis-infected mother who has been receiving penicillin?

The fetus is at minimal risk if the mother receives adequate treatment with penicillin during pregnancy.

What are the chances of pregnancy if the woman is taking the pill properly and sex is during her period and he cums inside of her?

Does pregnancy increase the risk of palsy?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, yes, pregnancy does increase the risk of cerebral palsy, but not pregnancy alone. Factors during pregnancy play a large role. Issues such as infections during pregnancy, blood diseases, ,acterial meningitis, and lack of oxygen to the fetus can increase chances. Pregnancy will not increase the chance of palsy within the mother.

Did Mother Teresa wear glasses?

.Catholic AnswerIf she did, it was only reading glasses later in life.

Will you get vitiligo if your mother has it?

There are 30% chances of you getting vitiligo if your mother has vitiligo.

What preventive step can mothers who have scoliosis take during pregnancy to reduce chances of their children having it?

There is nothing you can do unfortunately. My mother had it but neither me or my brother got it so hopefully you will be lucky too.

You had a tubal ligation 11 months ago you have had signs of pregnancy like dizziness late period and eating all the time What are the chances and could you be pregnant?

Chances of full term pregnancy with ectopic pregnancy?

no, there is no way of a full term pregnancy, your tubes can only stretch upto a certain extent, and then they will burst, making internal bleeding, which is extremely dangerous to the mother, possible not being able to have children again, and death of the fetus. If you do have any signs of an ectopic then I would visit your hospital asap, as ectopic pregnancy is very serious.

What drug taken by a mother during pregnancy can place her son at risk for testicular cancer?

A mother who took diethylstilbestrol (DES) during pregnancy.

Why do people get glasses?

Well apparently you dont have glasses i asume. Peopleget glasses cause they have minor problems wit ther eyes. If you do not believe me ask your mother.

What if your boyfriend ejaculated and might have rubbed it by accident and then fingered you what are the chances of you being pregnant? 50%

How can early pregnancy affect the relation between her family?

It is usually not the early pregnancy but the experience of the mother of the early pregnancy. It could be that the mother experiences some normal health problems that is why it is very important that the pregnant mother is kept comfortable and well supported.

Do pregnancy symptoms occur with an eptopic pregnancy?

Yes, women can have pregnancy symptoms during an ectopic pregnancy. The hormones produced by the mother and the embryo are the same.

What are your chances of carrying a full term pregnancy at 40 and having had 5 abortions in the last 20 years?

I am not sure of what the exact figures, but my mother had a baby at 42, and has had a miscarriage before. She had three children before that as well.

Is there any problem for pregnancy for large age difference?

Yes there is a problem for getting pregnant at say 38 or40 years of age, as the chances to conceive are far less and can be very complicated for both mother and the baby.

What are the chances a mother can survive giving birth with a tilted uterus?

Just as good as any other woman. The uterus normally un-tilts it's self around the 10 to 12 th week of pregnancy.

Is a small litter of puppies a sign of unhealthy puppies?

No, just because the litter is small doesn't mean that the puppies won't be healthy. You can have unhealthy puppies in a large litter as well. The best way to make sure that the puppies will be healthy is to make sure that the mother has the proper care and nutrition during her pregnancy. First litters can also be low in number.

Can young children sense pregnancy?

It is doubtful that anyone (except the prospective mother) can sense pregnancy.

Do nutrients come from baby to mother or mother to baby?

In pregnancy they go from the mother to the baby through the umbilical cord

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is anything that increases the chances of the baby and mother not remaining healthy. This may be because the mother already has a problem before pregnancy, diabetes, kidney disease and hypertension being the most common. There may be something else about the mother, older (although as this becomes more common it is regarded as less of a risk), very young (under 16 and not yet fully grown herself), petite, (especially if the father is big) and obese. There may be something about the pregnancy itself, placenta praevia, pre-eclampsia. This is not an exhaustive list but gives you an idea. meaning if there are potential problems with your pregnancy, different circumstances for every pregnancy, that doesn't always mean whatever their concern is will actually happen

What are the chances of having twins if your mother is a twin?

So So

Is male pregnancy real?

As real as my male mother..