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GOOD Seek help from a consumer credit organization in your area and make arrangements to handle this BEFORE you get sued


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if you are around 10 then the chances are very slim, but the older you get the more chances you have of dying

You may want to shop around. Several companies provide lawsuit settlement funding options, but some have high fees and wait periods associated with them that may not be attractive to you. Ask your lawyer if he or she reccommends a specific company, or do some comparison shopping on the web.

"File suit" means that a person (the "plaintiff"), either personally or through his or her attorney, goes to the courthouse and: gives a lawsuit against one or more people (or entities -- like companies) to the filing clerk; pays a filing fee (which is usually around one-hundred dollars); and receives a stamped copy of the lawsuit back from the clerk. The next step is servig the lawsuit. In order to require the person who is sued to "answer" under the law, the plaintiff has to "serve" the other party (the "defendant") with a copy of the lawsuit. That can be done in a number of ways, including by having a copy of the lawsuit given to the defendant in person, by leaving a copy of the lawsuit at the defendant's house or office with someone, and under certain circumstances, by putting a notice about the lawsuit in the newspaper. All of these methods of "service" have to be done in a particular way, so you need to find out the law in your state. Susan

its a long shot but if the world is still around they have a chances ...

I received a settlement notice around September or August. I was about vacation pay the notice told me that my share of the settlement will be $300. Still haven't received that check yet though :(

It depends what state you're in. The chances are usually around 1 out if 80-100 million.

now the chances of survival are around 85%-95%. (with correct treatment) In the middle ages, 20%-30% =-(

The chances of being sterile are very low. It is typically only around 2 to 4 percent of people who are sterile.

To make this clearer I called this agent stating I wanted to make a claim against his client. He is an independent agent, and sells insurance from many companies. He is giving me the run around. Is required to tell me the name of the company that insures his client?

Chances are she is just telling you that she loves your friendship, she enjoys hanging around you and likes your company. Don't try to analyze things more than they are.

Answer I think it can be if you sleep around with others and do not tell them you have it. It would depend on the circumstances and the laws of the state that you live in. I once saw a case where a man had knowingly given herpes to several women. He never told them he had it. Each of them filed a lawsuit against him. I think what made a lawsuit possible is the fact that he KNEW he had it. I guess if someone somehow didn't know they had it, it would be different. I'm not a lawyer so I don't know that for sure.

Not true; it's a hoax e-mail that's been around for a few years now. There is a proposed amendment, but it has nothing to do with the proposed lawsuit. The governors of a state can't file lawsuit against the federal government, nor can they request a constitutional convention; only state legislatures can do that. Plus, it takes 2/3 of the states to call for a convention, not 3/4. Nothing about the pensions is true either. And congress can't exempt itself from any laws they pass.

Most people around the world are against racisim

In Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald the chances of cathing a Slakoth is 5%. Just walk around Petalburg Woods for a while, you'll get one eventually.

For the first time court filings were made in I believe in Oklahoma. On or around, January 2012. There are approx 15,000 descendants. There should be a cut-off date soon. The fact of the matter is that the gov't did not honor the treaty that was signed.

Hi Shoving a child is a form of assault; the fact that it is a child or that it happens in school does not make it any less of a crime, and people who think they can go around shoving anyone just because they are a teacher get what they deserve, which is, indeed, a lawsuit. A witness or two would be useful though, as it can otherwise simply develop into a "he said, she said" affair. Phil

Chances are you still have feelings for him and are nervous around him.

Around Christmas, the chances are like 80% it will & 20% it won't.

I applied to this company because it is a steady company that has been around for a long time in Arizon and I know I can grow with this company,

Another bad question- this should be specified. There are many answers for this. California Assisted Living Association, Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, College of Architecture and Land Architecture, Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation. There are many more around the world, but these are some of the most common.

Smoking marijuana around the time of conception and in the early stages of pregnancy can increase the chances of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, a new study has found.

If you find they only talk to you or come around when they want or need something chances are they are.

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Chances are they went to deep and its blowed out a bit under the skin

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