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Very unlikely. Especially if she's been taking her Birth Control correctly

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Do your chances of becoming pregnant increase a week into birth control?

No, birth control decreases your risk of getting pregnant.

How can you control preejeculaion?

Preejaculate is normal and should not be curbed. It is like watering of mouth.

Can you get pregnant on birth control without penetration and the guy released outside on my leg?

The chances are slim but birth control can never be 100 percent trusted especially if you are new to it. Chances are your not pregnant.

Can you get pregnant on your week off from birth control?

yes you can anytime you stop taking your birth control you are increasing your chances to get pregnant. And also to you can get pregnant while on birth control sometimes

Are the chances to get pregnant higher when you just got off the pill?

no. the chances of you getting pregnant are the same as if you hadn't taken birth control in months.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you are using condom and withdrawal?

If you're not using birth control, the chances are higher!

What are the chances of a virgin getting pregnant from if you got a little bit of pre-ejaculate on your finger and wiped it clean with a rag and then fingered her?

Your chances of getting a Virgin Pregnant this way are pretty low. Best bet would be for your girl friend to use some form of birth control if you plan on having sex again. And you should wear a condom to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Can taking birth control symptoms be cofused with miscarriage?

birth control increases your chances of not getting pregnant

What are your chances of pregnancy after ten years of your tubal?

Though considered the most effective birth control you can still get pregnant the longer ago you had the surgery the better your chances are to get pregnant.

What is the chances of getting pregnant the day after your period if your on birth control?

the chanses are you wont

Can a person get pregnant after they get off of birth control pills?

Yes, you can get pregnant. While on the medication, the pills help you control or reduce your chances of getting pregnant. However, how soon you might get pregnant differs from woman to woman.

Do you have a higher chance of getting pregnant right after getting off of birth control?

No, you may get pregnant straight away but you may not get pregnant for months, the chances are about the same as if you had never been on birth control.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you used a condom and birth control?

It is possible, but the chances are very low

What are the odds of getting pregnant when on birth control?

Don't chance it. Always use a contraceptive. Although the chances of you getting pregnant are slim you could be part of that small percentage of woman who do get pregnant on birth control.

Can wearing a tampon lower chances of getting pregnant?

the answer is NO. Lowering your changes of getting pregnant can only be successful through safe sex, which includes use of condoms or birth control contraceptives. wearing a tampon will NOT lower your chances. that is a myth

What are the chances of getting pregnant 12 days before your next period?

The chances of getting pregnant before you have your period are higher because that is when you are most fertile in your ovulation stage. I advise condoms and birth control if you don't want to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant when you on the second week of the birth control pill?

Yes. You can get pregnant any time when you are on the pill as it is not 100% effective. The chances of getting pregnant are lower, but not nonexistent.

Can you still get pregnant if i missed one day of your birth control?

yes, you can. I'm on birth control. and the more days that you miss taking the pill, the easier it is to get pregnant. missing days increases your chances of getting pregnant.

If you wear a condom and shes on birth control and you pull out what are the chances of her being pregnant?

Highly Unlikely.

Can sperm get you pregnant while on birth control?

Yes. However you decrease the chances by taking your birth control correctly and by using condoms.

What are the chances of getting pregnant with out a condom?

Assuming that no other form of birth control is used (including withdrawal or coitus interuptus) in a year of typical sex 85 of 100 women will get pregnant. In other words, you chances of getting pregnant are very good.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while taking the pill?

The pill is not 100% effective (no birth control methods are 100% effective) so it's possible that you could be pregnant. The chances are low though. To further lower your chances of getting pregnant, perhaps consider also using condoms or another form of birth control (that won't clash with the pill, ie. something non-hormonal) such as the cap.

32 years old been trying to get pregnant for 8 years on birth control for the last 3 months what are your chances of getting pregnant?

Birth control decreases, not increases, the risk of pregnancy.

Can birth control increase your chances of becoming pregnant?

I've seen this question around and I have already answered it once today and I wonder where this comes from. Of course birth control does not make it easier to get pregnant! Birth control prevents ovulation and you can not get pregnant without a egg. in order to get pregnant you have to quit using any type of birth control. And yes, birth control is not 100% effective but not using it is 0% effective. It never helps you getpregnant!

If you used a condom and birth control could you be pregnant?

Yes, the possibility still exists, but the chances are minimal (0.0000001%).

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