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yes you can become pregant but it is a slim chance best way to find out is take a test but to prevent it is take Birth Control


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no. Not unless he just ejaculated. But even then, the Chances of a girl becoming pregnant from that are astronomical

Generally people who really want to be pregnant, are anxious about becoming pregnant, or feel guilty and are paranoid about becoming pregnant.

As long as the ejaculate did not come in contact with your vagina, you will not have a chance of pregnancy.

If you are just in the room or bed with the man when he ejaculates the possibility of pregnancy is 0%. The only way that a pregnancy would be possible would be if he ejaculated on your vagina. Even then the likelihood is exceedingly low.

If your partner ejaculated once and you are ovulating, you can be pregnant, whether or not you have discharge. If you do not get your period on time, do a pregnancy test.

This question isn't very clear. If you mean sperm was put into your vagina manually then pregnancy will not result from this as sperm dies shortly after coming into contact with air. If you mean you had intercourse then you can become pregnant if your partner ejaculated or inserted his penis into the vagina(preejaculation.)

The chance is there, you could be pregnant. Go see your doctor or get a pregnancy test.

PID decreases the chances of becoming pregnant.

No, pregnancy does not emancipate you in any state.

if the semen got anywhere near her vagina than there is a possibility of pregnancy.

As long as you take your birth control every day at the same time you are more than 99.99% protected from pregnancy. Whether your partner ejaculated in you 1 or more times you will not become pregnant.

It is possible but extremely unlikley, all the same its best to purchase a pregnancy test to be sure.

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period.

There is just as much of a possibility of you becoming pregnant if the man had ejaculated inside of you because there is pre-ejaculate, I am sure, that was inside of you. Pre-ejaculate contains sperm as well. If you are not ready to become pregnant then I would suggest you either get on birth control or he use condoms. The withdrawal method is about the most ineffective way to prevent pregnancy.

You could be. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period. The 'weirdness' that you say you are feeling could be because of pregnancy, but it could also be because you are scared that you may be pregnant

Length has nothing to do with it, it isn't the penis that makes her pregnant, it is the sperm ejaculated through it.Length is irrelevant. Any size can cause pregnancy

virgin birth..becoming pregnant without having sexual intercourse

Pregnancy tests usually work from two weeks after becoming pregnant, regardless of where in your cycle you are.

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