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Chances of being pregnantI would say you are most likely pregnant.
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Q: What are the chances of being pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated in you 8 times in the last month but you still haven't gotten your period?
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Chances of conceiving naturally at age 48?

It depends on the woman! I've gotten pregnant at 46 and 47 without trying!

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Ruth's first boyfriend who had gotten her pregnant. However in the culminate, she got an abortin when she was sent to New York. When she returned back home, she found out that Peter had gotten another girl pregnant

Did anyone get pregnant more than once after having there tubes tied?

Having your tubes tied is not entirely effective, if you've gotten pregnant once with them tied chances are you can again.

Could you get pregnant if you have not gotten your period for 2 months?

could you get pregnant if you have not gotten your period for 2 months?

If your boyfriend is married to a woman that got pregnant while he was locked up?

* It appears you are putting all the blame on your boyfriend's wife and you are wrong by being his mistress. If he loved you he would have gotten a divorce. Whether she got pregnant while he was in prison is not the issue here .. your actions are!

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No, as of 2011 he has not gotten a girl pregnant.

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men do not have periods

Has Selena Gomez ever gotten pregnant?


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What if your 16 year old daughter has gotten pregnant from her 18 year old boyfriend what can the parents of the daughter do about it in the state of TN?

No unless the minor wants to press charges

How do you know you have gotten pregnant?

One way to know if you are pregnant is if you have missed your menstrual cycle.

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