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Pretty slim. Spermicide would take care of it.

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Q: What are the chances of being pregnantif the condom broke but it was lubricated with spermicide?
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If lubricant doesn't mean spermicide then why when i asked earlier you said only lubricated condoms have spermicide?

Because a lubricant (makes things slippery) so a condom may be lubricated but not kill sperm (spermicide) BUT all spermicidal condoms are also lubricated.

What are the chances of being pregnant if the spermicidally lubricated condom did not break?


What are the chances of becoming pregnant from the sperm which are inside the condom?

the sperm inside the condom cannot impregnate you. However if there is a hole or split in the condom the sperm that escapes can. Although condoms are coated in spermicide it will not kill all of the sperm.

What are the chances of being pregnant if he used a condom with spermicide and pulled out then you used Plan B after 24 hours after sex?

It is unlikely that you are pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant using a spermicide and the pull out method?

FORGET withdrawal because it's NOT reliable. Use a condom instead.

Does a spermicidal condom go on with the spermicide in or out?

Spermicide in. You want the spermicide closest to the sperm...closest to the penis. Although many condoms will have spermicide inside and out.

How reliable are spermicidal lubricated condoms?

If used correctly, they are 97% effective. The good thing about the spermicidal condoms are if the condom leaks or breaks, your chances of getting pregnant are still somewhat slim because the spermicide may kill the sperm that 'got away'. Also, condoms are the only protection one gets against STDs. The thing is, when used often, spermicide is harmful to the vagina.

Is spermicide on the outside or inside of a condom?


Can you use spermicide and a condom at the same time?


Is there spermicide inside of the condom to kill the sperm?


What does spermicide condoms do?

A condom with spermicide not only collects sperm but also contains chemicals that stop sperm from moving. So even if the condom breaks pregnancy will be avoided.

If you are using a condom with spermicide and some semen spills is the chance of pregnancy less than spermicide alone?


What is an over-the-counter sperm barrier that is used with spermicide?

A condom is an sperm barrier used with a spermicide.

You came in a condom and kept going can she get pregnant?

no! congratulations you won't be celebrating fathers day for a long time yet source: What are the chances of pregnancy if you used a standard latex condom without spermicide but after ejaculating into the condom you kept going for about two minutes but there were no holes or sliding

What is the white stuff on a condom when they have not been used?

That's most likely spermicide. Spermicide kills any sperm cells if they escape from the condom. Basically, the "white stuff" is extra protection.

Can you get pregnant if use spermicide and pull out?

There's always a risk of pregnancy, and it's best to use a condom with built-in spermicide.

Can you get pregnant if the condom with spermicide lubricant stayed in the vagina with semen?


Would it be feasible to drop spermicide inside a condom prior to intercourse?

The spermicide acts as a barrier between the sperm and the uterus, killing the sperm before it reaches the uterus, where the egg is fertilized, resulting in pregnancy. So if the female uses a spermicide in addition to the male using a condom, that will be double protection against pregnancy, especially since condoms have been known to break. This would be advisable over putting the spermicide inside the condom.

If you use a spermicidal condom does some of the spermicide from the condom remain inside the female for a little while or does it just stop killing sperm one the condom is taken out of the female?

Some of the spermicide will remain in the female but not enough to protect against pregnancy once the condom is removed. Spermicidal condoms are being criticized for reducing protection against STDs--the spermicide makes cell membranes less resistant to infections.

If the condom has spermicide and it gets stuck in women can she get pregnant?

Yes but it is more unlikely

If you take the semen out of the condom and up it inside you with a turkey baster will you get pregnant?

there is a possibility but the spermicide in the condom is designed to kill the little beggars

Can you get pregnant with pre-ejaculate using a spermacide condom?

spermicide condom is 98% sure so you still have 2% chance of getting pregnant. The seminal fluid (pre cum) has fewer sperm (but still hundreds of thousands) so chances are slim but not nonexistant!

Can you get pregnant if the condom doesn't have any lubrication?

You can't get pregnant unless the condom breaks or is used wrong. Not all condoms have lube but works just as well as any other condom. If the woman is lubricated enough naturally you don't need a lubricated condom. It's not the lube that protects you from pregnancy.

How well does withdrawal method and spermicide work to prevent pregnancy?

Buy condoms with built-in spermicide, and be careful to hold onto the condom when you withdraw the penis from the vagina.

Do you need to put lubrication on a condom?

yes and no. It depends on what type of condom you bought. Some come already lubricated and some do not. It is best to lubricate non lubricated condoms to prevent brakage but it is not entirely necessary.