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The chances are viable that you could be pregnant. Pre-ejaculation, which your partner can't control, contains sperm. Also, even a male can't say for sure whether he ejaculated a little. Protection is necessaary. Your chances for a sexually transmitted disease also rise vastly when you refuse to use protection.

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Q: What are the chances of getting pregnant if you are 3 weeks late and being sick every morning but your partner didn't ejaculate?
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What are the chances of getting pregnant by pre-ejaculate if you took the morning after pill within seven hours?

not likely to be pregnant

What are the chances of a very fertile girl getting pregnant off pre-ejaculate?

Well, the chances of getting pregnant off pre-ejaculate is pretty high considering he doesn't ejaculate inside you. However, it's still sperm so yes you can get pregnant. If she's been proven fertile then obviously the chances rise again, i'd say a fair amount. It would be best to take the morning after pill and make sure to have a pregnancy test. It may cost some money but it's checking all the same.

Chances of getting pregnant if you are taking birth control and then taking the morning after pill 2 days after having unprotected sex?

Highly unlikely

You had intercourse during your ovulation period and took pepsi the next morning can this alter your chances of getting pregnant.?

Pepsi? As in the beverage? That wont change a thing.

Can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculate if you have been on birth control for a year and you have missed two weeks?

You appear to be very confused about how birth control works. It doesn't matter if you've been on birth control for a year if you haven't used it in two weeks. That sex was unprotected. The chances of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate are lower than if he hadn't pulled out, but they aren't zero. Consider using the morning after pill or other emergency contraception if you've had sex in the last five days. See your health care provider about getting on a method that you can stick with if you don't want to get pregnant.

What are the chances of being pregnant if at first your boyfriend had the condom on backwards but then he took it off and put it back on the right way before you had sex?

If there was pre-ejaculate on it there was a risk. Take the morning after pill just in case. Available up to 72 hours.

If you take the first morning after pill then have unprotected sex but still take the second pill 12 hours later what are your chances of getting pregnant?

You can't rely on the morning after pill to protect you from pregnancy due to sex you had after you took it.

Can you still get pregnant if you took the morning after pill?

For greater chances of not getting pregnant you have to take it 3 days after you had sex and think you might get pregnant. But you can take it after 3 days, 5 days the most but will not guarantee you won't get pregnantYES! All the morning after pill is is high levels or birth control to prevent ovulation. Just like the pill, not 100% effective.

If I missed the second dosage of the morning after pill what are my chances of being pregnant?

it all depends on if your where OV

Do you get sick when your pregnant?

Getting sick during Pregnancy is usually called Morning Sickness. Morning Sickness is one of many thing that can come with being pregnant and not everyone gets morning sickness when they are pregnant.

What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant if he came inside of her one day after her period because the spermicidal condom broke but she took the morning after pill three hours after sex?

im not sure u will get pregnant because u've taking in the pill.

You want to get pregnant and took the morning after pill last month will it prevent you from getting pregnant in the future months?

No it won't , the morning after pill is only temporary.

Two follicles at ovulation what are the chances of having twins?

I had two mature follicles at my ultrasoud this morning, and my reproductive endocrinologist told me that I had a good chance of getting pregnant and a 5% chance that it would be twins.

What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant if a boy used a condom but the boy ejaculated inside her?

Would that be equivalent to a boy not wearing a condom at all? I would advise the girl to take the morning after pill...

What was the hot feeling in you during sex. Could it be pre-ejaculate and what are the chances of you being pregnant just one day after period?

Pre-ejaculate is just a drop and you nor him can feel it. Most likely did you feel yourself or him ejaculating. The chance one day after sex is not likely but sperm can live inside up to a week. There's always the Morning after pill.

What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate on the day she finished her period?

100 % Likely! That's Rubbish. Possible but unlikely. Get yourself protection from pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Condom as a minimum. If you are worried see a doctor asap and if it is recent the morning after pill may be effective. Don't have sex again until you have sorted out protecting yourselves. Then you can enjoy and not worry.

What are the chances of being pregnant 12 years after having a tubal ligation if you have had morning sickness for 4 weeks along with stomach cramps?

The chances are high with morning sicknes. Do a test and see your doctor for a ultrasound and blood test.

What are your chances of pregnant Is it possible to get pregnant if the condom slipped up the penis but did not come all the way off I also took the morning after pill but still no period?

yes it is possible to get pregnanthave you looked at the morning after pill on the internet to see any symptoms it might have on you? because it can cause temporary abnormalities while taking should also go to the chemist & but a pregnancy test if you're worried about getting pregnant.

Should you take morning-after pills if your vagina has directly contacted pre-ejaculate?


If you had a regular cycle then took morning after pill on Day 14 bled till Day 6 of next cycle but during that bleeding time Day 3 had unprotected sex what are the chances of getting pregnant?


What are the chances a person could be pregnant if they took the morning after pill had a negative urine test and a negative blood test but their menses is still late?

Very likely that you are not pregnant.

Is is possible to get pregnant if a little bit of semen was on the vagina and the morning after pill was taken within 24 hours What are the chances of being pregnant?

The chances of being pregnant after all of that are very very slim. For the most part the sperm needs to be all the way inside the vagina to do anything and the morning after pill works almost all of the time, especially when taken as directed. My guess is that its very unlikely that your pregnant right now.

What are your chances of getting pregnant if you took your birth control pill at 9pm and then the next morning at 9am but then took it at the regular 9pm the next day?

I have ben on the pill for 3 years and never take it at the same time everyday and haven't gotten pregnant yet. So I would say it would be hard to get pregnant.

If you had morning sickness with you first child for 8 months what are the chances of getting it with your second child?

Im not sure what your chances are but I can tell you from experience that no 2 pregnancys are alike.

If a pregnancy test say positive dose it mean im pregnant?

You have to urine on the pregnancy test in the morning, but chances are, if its positive its yes...