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from what i understand a women gets pregnant during ovulation witch is about five days after your period. but if you got your period twice in a month then that you did not get pregnant after the first time you had your period.

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Q: What are the chances of getting pregnant if you had a period for three days and then the next week for four days but you had sex every day that month?
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What are the chances of getting pregnant?

Every month, if you do everything right, you chances of getting pregnant are about 20%.

Does drinking alcohol every night reduce your chances of getting pregnant?


If you used protection on the last day of your period can you still get pregnant?

If you used protection and were on your period, you were pretty safe. Probaly nothing to worry about, but there is a chance of getting pregnant every time you have sex. Even if you are protected. Protection lowers the chances greatly, but it is still possible.

When can a woman get pregnant in marriage?

Actually it depends on the Period or menstruation cycle that means the women body release a egg about every month so if the last period secretion was on say 1st march then the chances of getting pregnant are around 10 th march to 20th march.

If you have nausea and heartburn and you are exhausted but your next period isn't for two weeks and you didnt miss your last one what are the chances you are pregnant?

There is every chance that you are pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you have your period two times a month and you pee every 20 minutes?

Peeing will not keep you from getting pregnant.

When are you least likey to get pregnant?

When you don't have sexual intercourse! The gal can get pregnant: * anytime before her period * anytime during her period * anytime after her period * anytime ... Period! Those are the medically proven facts - not to say that this will be true for every person, but the chances are there.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you use a condom every time?

Well, condoms are effective 99% of the time, so... 1% chance.

What are the chances of getting pregnant with Oligomenorrhea?

You can get pregnant even if you have oligomenorrhea. You just have less chances than most other women who ovulate every 28-35 days. It is also much harder to determine when exactly it is that you are ovulating. Chances vary per person, but it is most definitely possible.

Does having one ovary due to an operation greatly lessen your chances of getting pregnant?

No, that ovary will still produce an egg every month.

Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant even if she used the bathroom afterwards if she wee 14?

Going to the bathroom after sex has NOTHING to do with your chances of getting pregnant..birth control and other forms of protection are necessary and even then nothing is guaranteed to work 100%..and ANY girl can get pregnant, no matter her age, if she is healthy and ovulating (meaning if she gets a period every month)

Is it possible to be pregnant but have such a low HCG count that your body still has AF?

HCG doubles about every other day, so if you get your period, chances are you are not pregnant. Not True. Many women can testify upon having a PERIOD while being pregnant. Some can testify upon having a PERIOD all 9 months of her pregnancy.

What are the chances of getting pregnant 8 days after your period?

The chance is very small, as on average your ovulation doesn't happen until about 14 days later. Every woman's cycle is different however, so if yours is very short you may need to be careful!

Can you get your period a day after conception?

Yes, you can. I actually had a period for several months even though I was pregnant. I kept thinking, man I am working out every day, why am I getting fat! Sure enough, I was 4 months pregnant!

You are on birth control and missed a few pills your husband went in you i didnt have a period been cramping for about 4 days?

i would be taking a pregnancy test asap. missing pills can affect your chances of getting pregnant. i am in a similar situation! every time you miss a pill, it doublesd your chance of getting pregnant! take a test as soon as your able too! i had a weird crampy feeling before i got pregnant each time!!!! good luck!

How likely is your chances of getting pregnant if you miss at least 1 birth control pill every week and your not using condoms?

There's a 2% chance of conceiving.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you've used a condom every time?

Condom are considered to be 90% to 97% effective (depending on who you talk to). So even with proper condom use you have a 3% to 10% chance of getting pregnant. Most sources favor the 97% figure.

Can daily intercourse lessen your chances of getting pregnant?

Yes it can since the quality of the sperms wont be as good if they are released too often. Try every other day.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you're a teenager?

Every time you have sex there is a chance of getting pregnant. With other forms of contraception the risk is lower but there is always a chance. If 100 couples have sex without birth control over the course of a year, 85 will have a pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you're supposed to start your period between the 1-3 of every month but you have noticed some of the early signs like being sick and getting headaches?

You may be pregnant if sexually active. Do a test when your period is late.

What are the chances of being pregnant if your period is one month late and you have bright red mucus and you feel like vomiting every morning but a home pregnancy test is negative?

Go to the doctor

Could you be pregnant if you missed your period but haven't taken a pregnancy test yet?

Of course there is a chance, but I have honestly been late on almost every period and dont take a test then I end up getting my period.

Are you pregnant if you had a light period in November and no period in December and now your nipples are getting tender and every time you have sex he ejaculates in you?

absolutely. you should take a few tests as well to be sure.

What are the chances of getting pregnant 5 days before your period if you didnt use a condom and got some pre-ejaculation in the vagina?

If this was a normal cycle in which ovulation occurred normally, the chances should be low. However, the only way to determine fertility is to check your temperature and vaginal fluid every day so that you can pinpoint ovulation. Check out:

Chances of illness?

Every individual's chances for breast cancer are different. Diet, exercise, and genetics all play a role in the chances for getting breast cancer. On average, every woman born has a one in eight chance of getting breast cancer.