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Well, the chances are lower than if you just used a non-spermicidal condom that broke, however you could still get pregnant

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Q: What are the chances of getting pregnant if you use a spermicidal condom and it breaks?
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How reliable are spermicidal lubricated condoms?

If used correctly, they are 97% effective. The good thing about the spermicidal condoms are if the condom leaks or breaks, your chances of getting pregnant are still somewhat slim because the spermicide may kill the sperm that 'got away'. Also, condoms are the only protection one gets against STDs. The thing is, when used often, spermicide is harmful to the vagina.

What if a condom with spermicidal lubricant breaks and the partner ejaculates five minutes after the condom breaks what are the chances of pregnancy?

About the same if you weren't wearing one...

What are the chance of becoming pregnant if there was pin holes in the condom?

It depends. Did the condom have spermicidal lubricant? How long did he stay inside after he came? How many holes did you poke in the condom?Chances of getting pregnant within a year with good condom use is about 15-20% [ie: of 100 typical couples using condoms and having regular sex for a year, 15 to 20 of them will get pregnant] Chances of getting pregnant within a year without any birth control is about 80%. Of course your chances for getting pregnant in a single encounter are much smaller, but someone wins the lottery every day.Don't be dumb. If the condom breaks or leaks, take Plan B. If you are deliberately poking holes in the condom to try and get pregnant without the guy knowing, well, there's no way to express how dumb, unethical, and wrong that is.Chances of having the life you expected after spermjacking a guy to either trap him in the relationship or have his baby on your own: absolutely none.

What are the chances of pregnancy if you use two condoms and the second one is not a spermacidal condom and it breaks during your fertile period?

Hello, I am slightly confused about you using two condoms during intercourse. If you mean your partner was wearing two condoms, one spermicidal and one not spermicidal and the non-spermicidal condom broke, then this is nothing to worry about because your boyfriend was already wearing a second condom which will protect sperm from entering your Vagina.

What are the chances of getting a girl pregnant when you wore a condom there were no breaks in the condom and a week later she had unprotectected sex with someone else and he ejaculated in her?

It is most likely that if she became pregnant, it was a result of sex with the second person, but only a DNA test after the baby is born can show for sure.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you used 3 different forms of birth control at once like condom the pill and pullout?

very slim, unless you forget to take you pull, the condom breaks and you dont pull out.

What are the chances of getting pregnant from 'pre-ejaculatory fluid while wearing a condom?

Well, the common statistic for pregnancy while using a condom (excluding breaks and tears) is about 2-4%. So probably a little less than that.

If you use a condom will not be able to have children for the rest or your life?

A condom does not make women infertile, on the contrary, if a condom breaks when you're in the middle of your orgasm, chances are, she's gonna get pregnant.

Why can girls get pregnant when you where a condom?

They can only get pregnant if the condom breaks or slips of otherwise they wont get pregnant.

What are the advantages of getting married at a young age?

Experiencing the advantages of marriage early. (Tax breaks...) Experiencing marriage early. Improves your chances of being married for a loong time (getting to experience platinum wedding anniversary)

Can you not be pregnant even if the condum breaks?


What are the chances of getting HIV from an infected person if condom breaks and you withdraw your penis immediately?

The chances are very low but still there is a possibility ,please go and get yourself tested in three month ,u will get a -ve result i am sure .please do not put your life in a risk buddy .ask the person who have it then u will get to know what life is .

A breaks through the skin causing a lot of bleeding and increasing the chances of infection.?

compound fracture

A breaks through the skin causing a lot of bleeding and increasing the chances of infection?

compound fracture

If you have a condom on and it breaks what are the chances of her getting pregnant off of pre-ejaculate?

There is some debate whether precum contains sperm Johanson is a nurse.Answer 2Same question answered:Chances_of_pregnancy_if_condom_breaks_and_their_is_only_pre-cum

What happens when your water breaks?

The water protects the baby.When your water breaks the baby has no protection so you'll have to go to the hospital.Without protection , the baby has more chances of getting less Agpar points.Which means it has only like about 75% of being healthy.Bacteria from all around can get to the baby.If you still are worried then ask your doctor she/he will tell you.:)

Can one condom still make you pregnant?

if it breaks

Can you get pregnant having protective sex when stopping the birth control?

yes, if you use a condom and it breaks you can get pregnant.

If you are a virgin and your partner has penetrated your vagina but not popped your cherry can pre-ejaculate get you pregnant?

penetration IS popping your cherry..... Not necessarily, some can say popping your cherry is when the hymen breaks and therefore you bleed, but this varies between girls. There is a chance of getting pregnant from pre, but it's very slim

How effective are spermicidal lubricants on condoms?

They increase the protection by about 5 % I think and the box even tells you that the condoms with spermicidal lubricant are not to be used in place of a vaginal spermicide in combination with a condom the spermicidal lubricant is just there to add a little more insurance in case the condom breaks but as you know many people still do get pregnant so use a more reliable form of birth control in combination with the condom....hope this helps Good Luck and God Bless!!SPERMICIDAL CONDOMSIF THE condom has nonoxynol-9 as a spermicidal lube, nonoxyl-9 does prevent pregnancies and also kills the AIDS virus. However, I don't know HOW MUCH is actually present on the condom, so a good precaution would be to use a nonoxyl-9 suppository such as "ENCARE" in ADDITION to the condom. Encare is sold where condoms and lubricants are sold. Better safe than sorry! AnswerI have never heard of nonoxynol 9 killing the HIV virus there is no scientific evidence of this.... --Check out the website and search nonoxynol-9. There is a great deal of info there. MedScape Select links the search to 170 of the most clinically relevent journals for physicians. Thanks.Nonoxynol-9 can actually irritate cells prone to HIV and its common to have allergic reactions when using spermicides containing it.

Can you get pregnant if nuva ring breaks?

If NuvaRing breaks, you should replace it with a new one, but there's no special risk of pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant by breaking your hymen by putting in a tampon?

Nooo you can't get pregnant from a tampon, even if it breaks your hymen. To get pregnant there needs to be sperm involved lol.

How do you know when a condom breaks?

You will know because you will become pregnant

Can a pregnant woman get arrested in US?

If she breaks the law, yes.

Can you get pregnant whiles using protection?

Yes, if the condom breaks. There is a 2% to a 10% chance you can get pregnant even with a condom.