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The chance is rare provided your are very sure that u werent ovulationg Pretty slim to none. Hello. A woman does not need to be ovulating for her to conceive a baby. When a woman is ovulating this is her most fertile time and means she is at high risk of pregnancy. Outside of this period a woman can still conceive a baby but the risk is low. If there arent any problems with u getting pregnant most likely ur going to get pregnant A woman under 30 has a 1 in 4 chance of getting pregnant if she has unprotected sex on the day she ovulates.

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Q: What are the chances of getting pregnant if you were not ovulating?
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What are the chances of not getting pregnant when you ovulating?

A fairly big chance.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when you're ovulating?

alot dont do it!

Chances of getting pregnant while ovulating but using withdrawal?

Nearly 100%!

What are the chances of an 11 year old getting pregnant if she's ovulating?

Very high.

What are the chances of getting pregnant during your period on the last day?

Very low- you usually have to be ovulating to get pregnant, which happens a week later. Although you usually have to be ovulating, you can still get pregnant now, so take precautions

What are the chances of getting pregnant two days after your period?

You could still get pregnant, it's just lower risk than when you are ovulating

Is it possible to get pregnant when you are not ovulating?

If you never ovulate, then no, you cannot get pregnant. If you were not ovulating at the time you had sex, you can still get pregnant, but the chances are quite low

What are the chances of pregnancy if he pulls out and not ovulating?

It doesn't matter whether you're ovulating or not - you CAN get pregnant!

What are the chances of getting pregnant if the condom broke and you just ended your period?

If you just ended your period, you are not ovulating and your chances are low, but there is still a chance.-Akilae

What are the chances of getting pregnant if the condom doesnt slip off break etc and you might be ovulating?

If you used a condom then it's unlikely that you're pregnant

What is the chances of you getting pregnant while im on your period ive only be on it for 4 days now?

Zero. You can only get pregnant when you are ovulating (around mid month).

What are the chances of falling pregnant while ovulating?

10 - 25%

How can you raise your chances of becoming pregnant?

have sex when you're ovulating

Can you get pregnant after 10 days ovulation?

You can get pregnant anytime. Your chances are increased when you're ovulating.

What are my chances of getting pregnant once off birth control?

Once you body begins ovulating again which can take anything from 2-6 weeks you can become pregnant.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant from pre-ejaculate while ovulating?

Chances are fairly high.You are most likely to become pregnant while ovulating and pre-cum still contains sperm. It only takes one sperm to make it to the egg to get you pregnant.

Do you have more chances of getting pregnant off pre-ejaculate while obvulating?

Yes, there is always a increased chance of getting pregnant when ovulating. When you don't ovulate there is no egg so you can't get pregnant although a orgasm can make you ovulate again.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant while ovulating?

The chances are fairly high. You are most likely to get pregnant during ovulation. This is because the egg is there and ready to be fertilised.

Is it easier to get pregnant drunk?

No, consuming alcohol has nothing to do with the ovulating or chances of pregnancy.

You were ovulating when condom broke whats the chances you could be pregnant?

The chances are the same as if the condom was not used at all.

What are the chances of a 11 year old girl getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate?

well it depends, if you have yet to start your period, then no there is no chance of you getting pregnant. however if you have, there is a small chance that you could get pregnant, but under certain circumstances, you would have to be ovulating for you to conceive

Lets say you ejaculated seven times in a female does that mean you have seven times the chance of getting her pregnant?

Chances are pretty good if she's ovulating.

What are the chances of getting pregnant?

Every month, if you do everything right, you chances of getting pregnant are about 20%.

What are the chances of getting pregnant with Oligomenorrhea?

You can get pregnant even if you have oligomenorrhea. You just have less chances than most other women who ovulate every 28-35 days. It is also much harder to determine when exactly it is that you are ovulating. Chances vary per person, but it is most definitely possible.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while ovulating at the age of 40 years old?

You can get pregnant at this age. I have a 45 years old lady with about 20 weeks pregnancy, only recently. The chances of getting pregnant can not be derived on single factor of ovulation. It is better to take due precautions. It is not advisable to get pregnancy at the age of forty, on the other hand.

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