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If he has gone back to have it tested, I'd say none. If he hasn't then there is no gautantee that it worked properly.

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Q: What are the chances of getting pregnant if your partner has had a vasectomy?
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What procedure do you need to go through to get pregnant if your partner had a vasectomy?

Untied the vasectomy first before you can get pregnant.

What is the chances of being pregnant when partner does not pull up on fertile days?

Your chances of getting pregnant are up to 100%. Wrap that rascal!

What are the possibility of someone getting pregnant when there partner had a vasectomy 27 years ago?

The possibility of somebody getting pregnant when their partner had a vasectomy 27 years ago is unknown. From a forum basis it appears to be common, especially years after the vasectomy took place. From a scientific basis, there is documentation of the male body correcting a vasectomy over time and the same has been noted in women who've had their tubes tied. It was generally considered rare, but the likelihood of this occurring increases with the amount of time after the vasectomy took place. For some men, the chances of this are very high and for others unheard of. It is possible.

Can you get pregnant after your partner had an vasectomy?

immediately in the next few months after, yes. but, if the vasectomy worked, in about half a year he will be infertile

Pregnant after vasectomy?

It is very possible to become pregnant after your partner has had a vasectomy. It can take up to 12 months for all of the sperm to be out of the testicles and seminal fluid. Have your partner go for testing on his ejaculate to check for the presence of sperm.

Can you get pregnant when your partner has had a vasectomy and you have the coil?

Normally no, but rarely, it could happen, especially right after the surgeries.

What is sex like after a vasectomy?

No changes at all- except you no longer have to worry about your partner becoming pregnant.

Had a vasectumey in October could you be pregnant?

Possibly. You do often hear stories of people who have become pregnant even after their husband/partner has had a vasectomy

Pregnancy after tubal ligation and vasectomy combined'?

It's possible, but very unlikely to get pregnant if a woman has had a bilateral tubal ligation and her male partner has received a vasectomy.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant while fully breastfeeding 3 month old and have not yet had a period post pregnancy and only 3 weeks after partner has had vasectomy?

Nearly 0%, due to the vasectomy more than the fact that you are breastfeeding, etc; but nothing is fool proof except abstinence.

What are the chances of getting pregnant without protection?

The chances of getting pregnant with out anythong are huge if yo have a healthy reproductive system , it is believed that 90% of people who dont use protection end up with the female partner being pregnant ! That is a huge percent meaning in ten people only one women doesnt get pregnant !!

What are the chances of a woman getting pregnant if her partner has a low sperm count?

The chances are reduced but it only takes one, so there is a chance. If you can afford it, in vitro fertilisation (IVF) might be appropriate. Discuss it with your partner and your doctor. Good luck

What are the chances of getting pregnant during ovulation if the condom your partner used didnt break?

There is always a slim chance - but by the sounds of it you should be fine.

Is it possible to be pregnant even if your partner had a vasectomy?

Yes, especially if they did not go back for the follow up tests to ensure it was a successful vasectomy, which occurs more often than you would think.

Is is possible to become pregnant a few years after your partner had a vasectomy when he has never been checked after the surgery?

While it is rare, sometimes a vasectomy can "reverse" itself on it's own, without a 2nd surgery.

Can a person use vasectomy alone eventhough the partner wont help?

The decision to have a vasectomy is always yours but you should tell your partner.

Is it at all possible to get pregnant while on the pill and your partner has a vasectomy?

It is possible, but highly unlikely. Either one is solid prevention if the vasectomy was not within the past couple of months, and the pill is being taken properly.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you are 3 weeks late and being sick every morning but your partner didn't ejaculate?

The chances are viable that you could be pregnant. Pre-ejaculation, which your partner can't control, contains sperm. Also, even a male can't say for sure whether he ejaculated a little. Protection is necessaary. Your chances for a sexually transmitted disease also rise vastly when you refuse to use protection.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant if your partner has had a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is concidered one of the most effective methods of birth control. Very rarely, tubes grow back together again and pregnancy may occur. This happens in about 1 out of 1,000 cases. Sometimes a couple changes their minds after a vasectomy, they may have a vasectomy reversal done or have a specialist retrieve sperm and attempt IVF. Success rates may vary, in either case you should consult a fertility specialist to decide which method is best for you.

My partner had a vasectomy in may 2007 my period late could i be pregnant?

low chance but possible. do a pregnancy test to ease ur mind

What are the chances of you being pregnant 7 days before your period?

If you had unprotected sex a week ago and both you and your partner are fertile the chances are about 50%.

Can you still get pregnant by someone who had a vasectomy?

There are a few cases where the vasectomy was not done properly and the male would not know for sure. It happened to a girlfriend of mine. Her husband got a vasectomy and they thought all was well and 3 months later she was pregnant. He had to have the vasectomy done again and this time properly. Beware if you are single and a guy tells you he's had a vasectomy! Oldest crock in the book. Many men don't like to wear condoms so some men can be down right selfish and tell their partner 'I've had a Vasectomy' when they really haven't at all.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if your partner had 2 periods in 1 month and the last 1 was around the middle of the month and she had unprotected sex at the beginning of the next month?

There is a chance she could be pregnant or this could be down to irregular period cycle. Get her to do a test.

What are the statistics on the success of vasectomy reversal?

Vasectomy reversal success rates depend on the type of procedure and how long since the vasectomy was done. The shorter the time since the vasectomy the greater the chance of success. Most studies show that there is a 75-98% success rate in seeing return of sperm to the semen. The success rate of the female partner becoming pregnant appears to be lower however.

Can a girl get pregnant by humping her own hand?

No you cannot get pregnant like that. You need to have a male partner who needs to insert his penis and let his liquid come inside you, then there are high chances that you will get pregnant.