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it is possible that you ovulated earlier. also sperm lives for awhile inside of you

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Q: What are the chances of getting pregnant the day before ovulation if you have discharge that is kind of milky colored and is sort of the texture of egg whites?
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Is a creme colored discharge the day after sex normal or a sign of a miscarriage when 8 weeks pregnant?

White discharge is normal throughout pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you've been expecting your period which has not come yet and instead you've had brownish-colored discharge?

Yes you could be pregnant. Do a pregnancy test.

Is having daily vaginal discharge normal?

Yes it is normal to have vaginal discharge daily. A milky colored discharge is normal discharge

Can herpes cause a weird colored discharge?

No. Herpes doesn't typicalaly cause unusual discharge.

Is there vaginal discharge during ovulation?

Yes.Below you will find an overview of the changes that will take place in your cervical fluid throughout your cycle. Pre-Ovulation Following the menstrual period, there is a feeling of dryness. There will be no visible mucus. Gradually, more mucus will accumulate - yellow, cloudy, or white in color and sticky to the touch. Approaching Ovulation As you approach ovulation, your cervical mucus will increase. First, there will be a moistness or stickiness to the mucus, as well as a white or cream-colored appearance. During Ovulation At ovulation, the quantity of mucus will increase greatly and the appearance will resemble "egg whites", often semitransparent. The texture will become increasingly slippery and 'stretchable'. This is your most fertile time. Following Ovulation Following ovulation, the slippery quality of the cervical mucus will decrease and the mucus will become sticky and cloudier. Post-ovulatory dryness will also ensue.

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Have a yellow discharge everyday?

You should consult with a doctor. Some women have slightly colored discharge and it is perfectly normal, but for others it can be a sign of infection or STD. Yellow discharge is most commonly associated with Bacterial Vaginosis or yeast infections, but only your doctor can determine the cause of any changes in your discharge.

If you have never had a period and usually have clear white discharge which have had for ten months two days ago it turned brown and don't know if it is the period or just discharge?

Yes, that brown discharge is the start of your first period. It may be brown, red, or a bit orange-colored. All of these are normal.

What does it mean when you are leaking orange and redish colored fluid when you are pregnant?

it means ur gonna have a ranga

What are the pimple like sores on the labia minora that itch and can have an odd colored discharge?

Please see a doctor. You do need to have a proper diagnosis and to be treated.

What should healthy discharge look like?

Clear, white, or ivory-colored most of the time. Sometimes red, pink, or brownish if there is bleeding.

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Can discharge give a signal for getting your period?

Yes, it can be. Light discharge or clear-ish-milky colored discharge can be a sign of your period or your body cleansing itself. It is is red or orange, then it probably is either your period or bleeding. It it is yellow (really yellow, not ivory-tinged) or green, smells bad, or is frothy, then that can be a sign of an infection.

What does it mean when you have yellow discharge?

Normal discharge varies for each woman. Generally, slightly yellow, white, and clear discharge is normal. The color and consistency of discharge can change depending on where a woman is in her cycle. However, if yellow discharge is abnormal for you, it could be a sign of infection. Bacterial vaginosis is most commonly associated with a yellow or green colored discharge and can also cause some itching around the vaginal area. It is important to make an appointment with your doctor to be properly diagnosed, as some infections require antibiotics.

Brown colored discharg while your 3 weeks pregnant and cramps?

I would def. call your doctor, when i was pregnant at 2 mos i had a miscarriage and the first thing i noticed before i realized i miscarried was very dark brown discharge that appeared on and off and then the cramping began and before i knew it the doc. told me i lost the baby, i actually passed the baby myself which was soo hard. but call your doc. and tell him your sympt. good luck to you

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What does smelly peach and yellow colored discharge mean?

I would consult a doctor as for it may mean infection. (not all the time) but consult a doctor just to play it safe.

Does the white goo in your underwear become hard stuff?

First, if the white 'goo' looks like cottage cheese in small and bigger clumps with semi-liquid as well, chances are very high that it is a yeast infection. For some women, the yeast infection becomes so chronic that the women don't even notice the usual intense itching sensation or notice the typical symptoms. Drugstores now sell home test kits to test for yeast. Since yeast can be transferred to your partner, and because chronic yeast can lead to other problems, it's really worth seeing a doctor or doing the self-test. However, women can also have an occassional natural white discharge, especially near ovulation. This white discharge is only present for a day or so, and it is more creamy in texture. Not to be gross, but it rather looks like a small amount of snot. This kind of discharge is normal, natural, and does not signal any problem. And, yes, if left in the underwear, it can dry and leave behind small dried 'spots'. If a discharge is greenish colored, you absolutely need to see a doctor.

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Is it normal to itch and have a yellow-colored discharge that turns your panties yellow?

AnswerNo it is not normal. You could have a yeast or bacterial infection or if you are sexualy active (even if you use condoms) you could have a STD. You should make a appointment with your local health department or your private what does it mean if you only have yellow discharge?

Can the birth control pill cause nipple discharge?

Hello, It has been noted that some birth control can cause nipple discharge in a few women due to the hormones contained in the birth control. However nipple discharge does require medical evaluation and you need to see your doctor as soon as possible. Nipple discharge occurs for a variety of reasons. During pregnancy it is known as colostrum and will not occur before the 5th month of pregnancy. Anything prior to this is not pregnancy related and should be mentioned to your doctor. Clear or colorless discharge can be caused by nipple or breast stimulation of a milk duct infection. Milk or white colored discharge is usually caused by too much progesterone, breast stimulation, milk duct infection or pregnancy. Rusty of blood colored discharge may be caused by a severe infection in the milk duct tissue or papilloma. Please see your doctor about this as what I have said is advice only and should never be used in place of a medical experts.

If you are three days late on your period and just started spotting browish colored blood but had a negative pregnancy test could I still be pregnant?

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If you have a positive pregnancy test are you actually pregnant?

Most likely yes, you are pregnant or were. I don't think a pregnancy test can read positive without HCG present and HCG is produced by pregnancy. If it is a digital pregnancy test and reads positive you are definitely pregnant. Do be aware of evaporation lines that are gray or colorless. Make sure this positive line is colored. If the positive lines are not all colored you could be seeing the evaporation line which could be misread as a positive.

Can you squezze breast milk if your 4 weeks pregnant?

I am 5 weeks pregnant, my first sign of my pregnancy was breast milk, not colostrum but actual white colored milk, production at about 2 weeks. So yes it is possible.

When you have a miscarriage where is the pain in your stomach?

A miscarriage in the first trimester is going to feel similar to period-like cramping in your lower abdomen. Some other symptoms of having a miscarriage are: the passing of tan colored tissue, headaches, back pain, the passing of blood, white to pinkish colored discharge, and a sudden decrease in signs of pregnancy.