What are the chances of having multiples after stopping depo provera?

The chances of having twins is not affected by being on depo. Your chances of having twins/triplets/etc. is determined by your family history, your age, etc. Basically, being on depo does nothing to help you have twins, but if you used depo into your thirties... you have a higher chance of conceiving twins in your thirties. This may confuse some, but it is not the birth control (depo or oral) that contributed to conceiving twins, but the age gtroup that you may now be in.
I became pregnant with twins about 12 months after getting off of the shot. Becoming pregnant with twins has nothing to do with getting off the shot and having unprotected sex it, is pure genetics twins have to run on one of the parents side of the family. Twins are not purely genetic. Twins can occur when the body releases more than one egg on ovulation. I hear the chances can be high after getting off depo because the body begins the ovulation cycle again and it could release more. Very true, twins are not purely genetic at all. Yes, they can 'run in the family,' but hormones and ovulation play a huge role in twin pregnancies, especially fraternal twins.