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Well the chances are unknown to me but theres a one in a million chance that you might have identical twins. Identical twins are rare in some cases. Hopefully you have an identical twin if you want one.


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the chances of having identical twins are about 1 in 300.

No, however it can increase your chances of having fraternal (non-identical) twins by as much as 1 in 5! No, however it can increase your chances of having fraternal (non-identical) twins by as much as 1 in 5!

The chance of having 'natural' triplets: 1 in 8,100 (only about 30% of triplets are 'natural'). The chances of having identical triplets are highly minuscule: 200 million to one The chances of having identical triplets is very rare. 10 in every 1000 triplet births are identical.

The chances of having triplets or more is 1 in 8100 and odds having quadruplets are 1 in 729,000

I am an identical twin myself, and my wife just had identical triplets. So probably we would not've had twins if I was a singleton. So the chances of us multiples having them is around 1 in 20.....

Women who are themselves fraternal twins have a 10% chance of producing twins, identical twin women have only a 0.6% probability of having a twin birth.

If You Are A Twin (Or Have Twins In Your Family): If you are a fraternal twin, you have a 1 in 17 Chance of having twins. If you are identical, it doesn't affect your chances, and they remain from 1 in anywhere from 38 - 90, depending on if fertility drugs are used or not. If your mother is a fraternal twin, you may have a higher than average chance of twins. If you father is a twin, it doesn't affect your chances, as fraternal twinning is apparently carried down the maternal line. If your husband is a twin or has twins in his family, it doesn't affect your chances of having twins. If you have a parent that is an identical twin, your chances of having twins yourself are the same as anyone else.

There is no answer to that really, but, if your husband/boyfriend/fiance/ male has fathered children, example 3 girls, you may have a higher chance of having a girl, or not, since you are a different mother. thank you

You have the same chance as the general population. Identical twins are a genetic accident, researchers still don't know what triggers an egg to split making two embryos from one fertilized egg.

There are two primary types of twins, Identical and Fraternal. Identical twins occur when the egg splits after fertilization. To date no indication of a genetic link has been found. Anyone has a chance, though small, of having identical twins. Fraternal twins occur when more than one egg is dropped during ovulation. This trait can be inherited from the mother's side of the family. Studies have shown that the chances are also increased by being overweight or older.

It is the same for any other pregnancy. Abortion does not change the randomness of identical twins or the familiar tendency to have fraternal twins.

Hi, The chances of you & your partner/wife having twins because you're a twin yourself increases the chances a little, however, It doesn't mean that you will NO DOUGHT have twins, it just increases the chances. For example, I'm 13 and we're from Easterhouse in Glasgow, and I'm an identical triplet, me & my two triplet brothers were born on 25th December 1997, but that does not mean I will have twins/triplets/quads with my wife when I'm older, it stays the same because I'm identical with my brothers. Only fraternal twins/triplets increase the chances. So you might have twins, you might not! But your just a little more prone to twins & triplets because your one yourself. For some reason, if your an identical twin, your chances do not increase any because the genes are exactly the same between u and ur twin. But as I'm identical with my triplets, it won't increase my chances any. P.S. Hope this helps from thetroublesomethree

about 80% because most of the people i no are identical

The chances of a fraternal twin having a fraternal with is 6 out of 20

Not necessarily you could be having twins and they don't have to be identical.

The chance of having non-identical twins can run through genetics or be affected by the age of the mother. So the more people in your family tree that have twins, the more likely you are to have twins. However, twins can occur by chance, to someone who's family tree has no cases of twins, or from IVF. You do not have to have twins in your family line to give birth to twins. The chance of having identical twins is 1 in 285 in all human genetic groups.

the fathers here have every right to walk in and stop it at once, as they are minors the house is the fathers so he can prevent them from having sex.

Your chances of having an ectopic pregnancy from BV is about zero.

homozygous having a pair of identical genes (TT or tt) hetrozygous having a pair of non-identical genes (Tt)

the chances of having narcolepsy is 1-2%

What are the chances of your offspring having myopathy if your husband's brother has myopathy?

Yes having twins is hereditary. But having identical twins isn't.

Identical twins do not run in families. Only non-identical twins and it can only run through the women's side. This is because you inherit something which makes you more likely to release two eggs at a time.

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