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Because you had protected sex there is no chance of pregnancy. Stress delayed your period.

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Someone with womb infection or with a growth on the womb what are the chances of getting pregnant?

I have growth on the womb and i went for two operations to remove the growth and to clean the tubes and what chances of getting pregnant ?

Can sperm check fertility tell if you get someone pregnant?

The sperm test show how many sperms, how fast they move and if they are deformed and that indicates your chances of getting someone pregnant. The test can't show if you actually got someone pregnant if that is what you mean.

At 5 weeks pregnant and someone accidentally press in your stomach can it kill the baby?

No the embryo is well protected.

Can someone get pregnant if a man had semen on his hands when he put the condom on?

No. Or at least the chances are so low that it is near impossible.

Your wife is pregnant and your sister is schizophrenic what the chances your kids will get schizophrenia?

The chances of someone whose aunt is schizophrenic developing schizophrenia is 4 percent, which is higher than normal (the chance for someone without a schizophrenic relative is 1.1 percent), but not very high.

What is a stressed vowel?

No such thing as a stressed vowel. If someone told you that, you might have heard it incorrectly.

What are the chances of of a woman getting pregnant if she has irregular periods?

the same as someone who has regular periods. having periods, in general, means that your body can have babies.

Can you get pregnant from someone being sterile?

No, someone who is sterile can not get pregnant or get anyone pregnant.

When someone hasn't had their period since march 21st and it's April 30th and there is still no period.And they get dizzy and feel tired and sick or stressed all the time.Are they pregnant?

Of course they are !

Will It Be Okk If you Have Protected sex with someone and 2 days later had protected sex with someone different?


What are the chances of someone getting pregnant while on the birth control and uses withdrawal with the condom even though that person has ovary problems?

when will you concider going to a gynecologist?

What are the chances of getting someone pregnant after getting vasectomy?

They are very slim but, it depends on how strong the ratio between sperm to whome.... It is really dependant on how well built the male is...

What does it mean when you dream someone is yelling at you?

It means that you are stressed or nervous.

Is Diana Vickers pregnant with someone?

No she is not pregnant.

What are the chances he'll like someone tall?

According to the Sacred Book of Chances it is 88,56 %.

Can you get pregnant if someone ejaculated inside you?

Yes, the way to get pregnant is by someone ejaculating inside you.

Can i get someone pregnant if i have been taking steroids?

Yes you can indeed get someone pregnant if your on steroids.

how does it feel when someone is pregnant?

it really feels bad im not kidding!

How do you fluster someone?

You fluster somebody by making them extremely worried and stressed out.

Is temporary stress part of real life?

how stressed someone gets is down to the individual, for instance someone I know gets stressed whenever they drive so as you can imagine they're rather stressed a lot of the time, on the other hand someone else I know seems to always be relaxed in situations that others would go mad in. it's perfectly natural to feel stressed from time to time, but if you feel regularly stressed or are uncomfortable with the temporary stress you are feeling, it might be worth seeing if you can change that for yourself.

What are the Chances of a girl getting pregnant if shes on top and all the semen falls out?

If she's ovulating, she can get pregnant. Lot's of babies have been born even though someone pulled out early and they thought they were safe. All it takes is one good swimmer.

What does it mean when someone dreams about someone being pregnant?

It means that person fantasies about being pregnant

Can a male with chlamydia impregnate a female without giving her chlamydia?

The chances of getting chlamydia from having sex with someone who has it are about 40-60% each time you have sex. It's possible, then, to get pregnant without getting chlamydia, even if the male who got you pregnant had it when you had sex.

Are uou able to have kids if you are a shemale?

Yes you are able, you have both could get yourself pregnant........... Or you could get someone pregnant or someone can get you pregnant.

What happens if you ejaculate too much?

You can't ejaculate too much. If you can ejaculate then you will if you can't, nothing will come out. If you are trying to get someone pregnant, it will decrease your chances, but that's about it.. Next day, you should be refilled.