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I understand how that feels i just got a d&c six weeks ago and I'm pregnant now. If you're putting on weight you may have a small chance of pregnancy but there could be many other reasons why such as decreased activity, increased amount of carbs/calories in your diet or stress. If you had unprotected sex within 5 days before ovulatiion day and up to 2 days after your expected ovulation day, chances are that you're pregnant. DEFINETLY take a pregnancy test and if it comes out negative go to the doc and get a blood test (go to URGENT CARE FOR FIFTEEN DOLLARS DOWN AND GET A BLOOD TEST THERE IF U DON'T HAVE MONEY) some women still get lighter period during their pregnancy so it's possible, but not likely. If your period is lighter than the possibility is increased. And as far as having a d&c, it will not affect fertility, so don't worry your pretty little self.

2011-09-13 20:02:39
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Q: What are the chances of still being pregnant if you had a miscarriage and a D and C six months ago and have been putting on weight but you are still having your periods?
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