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Get a voice recording of the threats,and a copy of police reports,and even the results of a lie detector test.Get a STRICT attorney,and you WILL win!

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Is past adultery grounds for custody of children if the adultery isn't the cause of the divorce?


Can you have custody of child if your spouse commit adultery?

A spouse having an affair is not usually something the judge takes into consideration when deciding which parent will get custody of the children.

Can i go to jail in Ohio for adultery?

No, you can't go to jail in Ohio for adultery. Adultery is grounds for divorce and losing custody of children. It's a crime in 20 states, but I think it's virtually never prosecuted.

Does adultery matter in child custody?

It is not the sole factor in deciding custody, but it is likely that the judge will take it into consideration, especially if the adultery caused the divorce or if the adultery shows the parent to have an unstable or unsuitable home for a child.

Can your teenager's behavior problems hurt your chances of getting custody of younger children?

It can be an issue of consideration in determining the safety of the children.

Is Adultry grounds for divorce and custody of children in Maryland?

Yes, adultery is grounds for divorce but less likely to be a grant of custody. This is because when courts are looking to award custody they look to what is in the best interest of the child. If the adultery situation is one in which there is a questionable living situation then it would become a factor in the award of custody but it is not determinative. You also have to keep in mind that courts do try to keep the children in contact with both parents so although they may have their issues they attempt to create a situation in which parental problems do not project on the children.

If wife commits adultery will that be grounds for father to get custody?


Does adultery have negetive outcomes for custody in Utah?

It can, depends on the judge.

You are a father who has custody of your two small girls you are not married to your fiance yet but your ex wife is getting married is trying to regain custody of your children What are her chances on?

see your other question

Will you get full custody if your spouse commits adultry in the state of Pennsylvania?

Adultery is not usually considered in determining who gets custody of the children because being faithful or unfaithful doesn't typically affect the quality or ability of one's parenting.

How can you lose custody of your children?

how can you lose custody of your children?

What are the chances of a father receiving joint legal custody of children if he signed over rights of children from a previous relationship?

depends on circumstances see links below

Can a step parent get custody of the children after divorce?

Depends on the circumstances. Legally step parents don't have any right to the step children. Speak to your lawyer about your chances.

Noncustodial parent in the process of obtaining custody of his 2 children the mother dropped them off almost 3 months ago and is now in jail what are the chances of getting custody?

damn good!

What are the chances of mother losing custody to father if she has possession convictions theft convictions and DUI of substance convictions?

The chances are good that she will lose custody. Whether custody is granted to the father depends on whether he is capable of providing a safe stable environment.The chances are good that she will lose custody. Whether custody is granted to the father depends on whether he is capable of providing a safe stable environment.The chances are good that she will lose custody. Whether custody is granted to the father depends on whether he is capable of providing a safe stable environment.The chances are good that she will lose custody. Whether custody is granted to the father depends on whether he is capable of providing a safe stable environment.

Does Garth brooks have custody of his children?

Did garth get custody of his children in his divorce case

Will Britney Spears lose custody of her children?

She already lost custody of the children. Which I'm glad she did.She already lost custody of her children that's sad

You and your girlfriend had a baby and are living together now. Things are not going well and you are going to separate. What are your chances of getting full or joint custody of your son?

Unless the mother is somehow unfit to be the custodial parent your chances for full custody are slim. Courts favor placing children with their mother. You would have better luck requesting joint custody.

Who gets full custody of the kid if adultery is committed?

It just depends what the adultery is or if you go to court and justify which parent you would like to live with. its your choice no one can stop you!!!

If your wife gets pregnant by another man can you divorce her and take custody of your 1 son you have together?

Adultery is obviously a very valid grounds for divorce and the fact that your wife is pregnant by another man is clear proof that it took place. The fact that she committed adultery is NOT however going to grant you custody of your child and not allow her any rights. When determining custody, the courts look to the best interest of the child and although the parents may have their differences, it is usually best for children to see and be around both of their parents. Adultery and questionable living situations may be a factor in the determination of which parent the child gets to live with.

You are legally separated and you have a boyfriend that lives in your home is this adultery?

If you are legally separated with the intent to divorce, then in the eyes of the law, I don't think it is considered adultery. But, in the eyes of God, it is. Also, if there are children involved, you really need to be careful for several reasons. One, your ex can use it against you in an attempt to gain custody of the children. Two, how well do you know your boyfriend? Is he good to, and good for (there is a difference) your children? Three, if there are children involved, you need to be careful of the example you set for them.

What is joint custody regarding children?

There are three types of joint custody.Joint Legal Custody Similar to sole custody, whereby one parent still retains primary residential custody and control of the children.Joint Physical Custody Otherwise referred to as Split Custody, each parent has residential custody and control of the children 50% of the time.Bird Nest Custody The children remain in the family home and each parent resides there for a designated period of time, then switch.

How can you get custody of your children if the mother dies?

Can i get custody of two children i have cared for since their mother 1 yr ago children are not related to me

Did Vanna White get custody of her children after her divorce?

yes, Vanna White was awarded custody of both children

Is adultery acknowledged in issues of child custody in Mississippi?

Mississippi is unique in that there is a law on the books making the commission of adultery a crime. So if a person is charged with that crime and convicted, a criminal past is taken into consideration when determining child custody. It is often not the sole deciding factor but it is considered.