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What are the changes in a dsi?


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July 13, 2009 7:13AM

It has improved quality.
It has got an SD-Card Slot.
It hasn't got an GBA Slot anymore.
Old Flash-Cards won't work on it anymore, New ones will though.
Has got two camera's build in (can't film with them, just picture, although in the following update, it has an rumor it will be able to film, although you don't have much space to save the filmed material)
New menu system. It's still got the same old "Download Play Screen" and "PictoChat" though. PictoChat is now able to rainbow color though. Just tick on the stylus icon twice.
Can download games and applications from the "DSi Store" named "DSiWare". You can download them with points. It is much like the "Wii Store". These points are called Nintendo Points. You can buy them with stars at the Nintendo Officials Site, or you can buy them in gaming stores, toy stores or Warehouses.

That's all there is new actualy.
You can Record your voice and change it in an application that's build in, and you can edit photo's taken in an very simple way, also in another build in application.
Hope I helped.