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What are the changes occur to a comet during an orbit?


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The Changes are the comet is revolving in the solar system, so that the comet may keep orbiting


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it orbits around the sun in an ellipse, and it can grow a tail if it gets close enough to the sun

The closer to the sun, the larger the tail. The further a comet gets from the sun, the shorter the tail is.

How does a comet orbit the sun?

Every comet has its own orbit and its own timing in terms of how long it takes to orbit the sun.

It changes so it will next be seen in 4337

It is called an orbit. A comet has an eccentric or parabolic orbit.

Orbit is the path of a comet

Any comet visible from earth is in orbit around the sun. If the orbit is closed (elliptical), the comet will return after some period of time. If the orbit is open (parabolic or hyperbolic), the comet will escape the solar system and never return to the neighborhood.

A very elliptical orbit.

the orbit of a planet has its own orbit, meaning it rotates around the sun . a comet just passes by anywhere, no specificly going in a certain orbit..

Halley's Comet is in orbit around the sun. Venus may disturb and slightly modify its orbit during one of Halley's close approaches through the inner solar system, but has not captured it yet.

type in the green search box " What Does the Orbit Of A Comet Look Like" and it will give you the answer.. THANK YOU

A planet has a circular orbit, with the exception of pluto. A comet has a large but eliptical orbit. An asteroid has no orbit unless it becomes a moon. A meteor has no orbit. It usually flies in a straight line either burning up in the atmosphere or impacting on a planets surface. So, A comet.

Yes, the time it takes for a comet to complete 1 orbit is called a period.

Halley's Comet takes 73.5 years to orbit the sun but every comet is different just like planets.

A periodic comet ... that's seen from Earth more than once ... is in an elliptical orbit. A comet that sails through the solar system and leaves, seen from Earth only once, is in a hyperbolic orbit.

Halley's Comet does not orbit the Earth. There are NO comets that orbit the Earth. It takes 76 years for Halley's Comet to complete one orbit of the Sun.

No. Comets orbit the sun. A comet-like object orbiting a planet would be considered a small moon.

Halley's Comet orbits the Sun, in an elliptical path. It doesn't orbit anything else.

The amount of time a comet to complete its orbit is called period of revolution.

our earth would be then fried, becasue the orbit of a comet orbits around the sun which cause the comet to be insanely high. which in one case would fry our earth if our orbit was near the sun

Comet Encke with an orbital period of 3.3 years

Seasonal changes occur because Earth's position relative to the sun continually as it travels along its orbit.

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