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The character traits and attitudes of a scientist includes:

Analytical - Scientist assess and evaluate all evidences and data gathered.They carefully check the accuracy of facts and the reliability of the sources of information.They do not make hasty conclusions,but instead base their judgments on facts and information.

Humble - Scientists humble and do not boast their achievements.They do not belittle others who do not meet their standards.

Intellectually Honest - Scientist present truthful report and accurately acknowledge their sources of information.They do not claim the works of others as theirs, but give credit to those who deserve it.

Rational - Scientist do not believe in superstitions.They base their decisions only on fact that are supported by proofs.They believe that all things that happen on earth have a rational explanation.

Curious - Scientists are very observant.They examine details.They ask why and how things happen, and conduct investigation to find solutions to problems or answers to their queries.

Objective - Scientists avoid prejudices.Their decisions are based mainly on data and facts.Their decisions are not influenced by the opinions of others,personal preferences, or emotions.

Scientist record data accurately and interpret these on the bases of actual observations and experiments.They likewise verify their observations for consistency.

Creative - this is the main reason why scientist invent and discover new things.

Open-minded - Scientists listen and analyze the suggestions given by others.Scientist are not biased.They demonstrate thinking that is free of prejudice.They even change their own ideas in light of new evidences.

Focused - Scientists need to concentrate when they perform their tasks.The accuracy and validity of data depend on how they do their work.

Unselfish - Scientists share their knowledge with other scientist.They devote their time and expertise to perform and complete tasks that will benefit humankind.They think of the welfare of others before they think of themselves.

Determined - Investigation are tedious.Scientists need the will and perseverance to do tasks that need to be accomplished or completed.

Thorough and Accurate - Scientists check the correctness and veracity of all the data and information they have gathered.They conduct experiments to solve the problem being investigated.Scientists have the eagerness to observe,record and evaluate data with care and exactness.

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Q: What are the character traits and attitudes of a scientist?
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