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He's witty, introspective, gracious, impulsive, intuitive, friendly, conflicted, violent, tolerant, forgiving, charismatic, handsome, fashionable, and an excellent swordsman. All of characteristics could be illustrated with quotations from the text.

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Q: What are the characteristics of Hamlet?
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What are some characteristics of a tregedy?

If you mean tragedy, how about Hamlet and Ophelia or Romeo and Juliet.

What are 3 characteristics of a specific animal that you think fit Hamlet's persona?


What is the personality of Hamlet in the play Hamlet?

Just Highlighting Characteristics of Hamlet: He Was a Ironic Critic-A ruthless Killer-He was a Loving son-A bloody Revenger- Devoted Son-A witty Trickster-A sincere lover

What overall personal characteristics would you use to summarize Hamlet?

introspective, intelligent, loyal, unpredictable,

Who is murdered in Hamlet?

hamlet's father hamlet's uncle

What is Ur Hamlet and how does it relate to Hamlet by William Shakespeare?

The Ur-Hamlet is the name given to scholars to a hypothetical source for Shakespeare's Hamlet. The Ur-Hamlet is an older play, also called Hamlet, which is now lost (if it ever existed). Some scholars speculate that it may have been written by Thomas Kyd, in very much the same style as his Spanish Tragedy. Hamlet, as presented by Shakespeare, has many dramatic characteristics in common with the Spanish Tragedy. Reasons for believing in the existence of the Ur-Hamlet are apparent references to Hamlet long before Shakespeare appears to have written it, questions as to the availability of the Belleforest source, and the existence of a German play called Die Brudermord, which reads a lot like we would expect a German translation of the Ur-Hamlet to read.

Who is Hamlet in Shakespeare's play Hamlet?

Hamlet is the prince of Denmark and the protagonist in Shakespeare's play Hamlet

In Shakespeare's hamlet does hamlet have a brother?

No, Hamlet is an only child.

Who is the hero in Hamlet?


Who speaks 'to be are not to be' in Hamlet?


What tasks does Hamlet's father set for Hamlet?

Hamlet's father appears in the form of a ghost and tells Hamlet to avenge him by killing Claudius, Young Hamlet's uncle and the murderer of King Hamlet.

What is the relationship between Old Hamlet and Hamlet?

Hamlet Sr (Old Hamlet) was the King of Denmark and Hamlet Jr's (Hamlet) father. Hamlet Sr dies at the beginning of the play and the story follows Hamlet Jr as the main character. Hope this helps, Have a great day.

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