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What are the characteristics of a civilization?

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There are six:

1) Geographic Boundaries and political insitutuions

  • Permanent boundry
  • A government to rule within the boundaries

2) Population (a concentration) in distinct areas or cities

  • Group of people in a place to trade with

3) Economy that produces food surpluses

  • trade extra food to survive and stay in one place

4) Social classes

  • theese are based on POWER, such as upper, lower and middle


5) Written language/a system of recordkeeping

  • Recording trade and/or buisness
  • Recording history
  • Communicating (spoken or written communication)

6) cultural systems:

  1. Religion: at least one organized religion in a


  2. Learing: formal system of education such as

    apprenticeship or schooling systems

  3. Art: You have extra time to do this- meaning you know

    you'll survive tommorow

  4. Architecture: planning your building/ thinking about the

    structure and going through many steps to build it to last long


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