What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship?

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2007-02-23 21:17:55

The hallmarks of a healthy relationship are: *Mutual respect

*Honesty *Trust These three characteristics are very closely

linked. For example, one doesn't find trust without honesty, and

dishonesty is an obvious sign of contempt for the other person.

These hallmarks apply to ALL sound relationships, not only to

intimate relationships. Imagine, for example, a close co-worker

that you can't respect, who is dishonest and can't be trusted. At

the very core of sound relationships lies at least an average level

of self-esteem. Those who lack self-esteem have enormous problems

respecting others. The key is soundly based self-respect. Love,

friendship, trust, companionship Communication is also big on the

list. I find not only in relationships, but the business world that

communication can be 99% of the problems that are not


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