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The earth or a planet that resembles the earth in its physical characteristics. The terrestrial planets in the solar system are the earth, mercury-in-roman-religion-planet-nearest-to-the-sun, venus, and mars. These planets are approximately the same size, with the earth the largest. They are considerably denser than the jovian-planet, ranging from a specific gravity of 4 for Mars to 5.5 for the earth. Because they spin less rapidly than the Jovian planets, the terrestrial planets are less flattened at their poles.

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Made of solid material, small, closest to sun.

The elements of Terrestrial Planets are made up of rocky ground or land, as distinct from water or air. They are also planets nearest our sun ,Venus,Mercury or Mars that resemble Earth in substance and density

Both Jovian planets and Terrestrial planets share a similar amount of characteristics. For example, Jovian planets are gaseous, large and farthest from the sun. While Terrestrial planets are rocky, dense, closest to the sun and small (in comparison to Jovian planets). The two planets with the most similarities are Venus and Earth hence them being called "sister planets" due to to their similar masses.

Terrestrial planets are solid and gaseous planets are made of gas. Gaseous planets are huge and terrestrial planets are small. Gas giants are far from the sun and terrestrial planets are close to the sun.

Another name for the terrestrial planets is the inner planets. There are four terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Compared to the gaseous planets in our solar system: yes.

The terrestrial planets are the inner planets, which are:MercuryVenusEarthMars

Terrestrial planets not landed on - Venus.

Mercury is the smallest of the terrestrial planets.

No. The Jovian planets are much more massive than the terrestrial planets.

Yes, Jovian planets are much larger than terrestrial planets.

The terrestrial planets are rocky planets that have properties similar to that of the Earth. Earth, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all of the terrestrial planets.

The inner planets are called terrestrial planets because they consist of a solid surface, unlike the gas giants. The terrestrial planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

The inner planets are known as terrestrial planets because they are rocky like earth

Terrestrial planets are made of rock. Jovian planets are gas giants.

All of the jovian planets are more massive than any of the terrestrial planets.

Terrestrial planets are mercury,venus earth, mars.Also called as rock planets.

The terrestrial planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Yes. All the terrestrial planets have lots of craters.

No. It is a gas giant. Terrestrial planets are planets that are mainly made of land.

Of the four terrestrial planets, Earth is the largest.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are called the 'terrestrial' planets.

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The terrestrial planets in our solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. There are many more terrestrial planets orbiting stars other than the sun.

The four inner, rocky planets are also known as the terrestrial planets. These are; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

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