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Q: What are the chassis tolerance for a 1972 ford capri?
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Does the ford capri have a split body and chassis?


Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the ford capri 2600 coupe 1972?

The power of the engine and the maximum speed of the 1972 Ford Capri 2600 Coupe are 110 kW (150 ps) and 130 mph respectively.

When was Ford Capri created?

Ford Capri was created in 1969.

Ford capri schematics?

I have full schematics for my 91 Ford Capri SA II

Can a Ford Capri V6 3000 engine put in a 1976 Ford Escort?

Can a ford capri V6 3000 engine fit in a 1976 ford escort?

How many seats does a ford Capri have?


Who made the Capri in the 70's?


Does a ford capri run on petrol or diesel?


What is the chassis on a 1972 Winnebago Motorhome?

It could Be Dodge, Chevy or Ford, The Dodge's are Identified by a D in the model ie. D-20, D-22, D-24 and the same for ford F-17 etc. Now I do not know that much about the Chevy Chassis so I cannot help you there.

What is the chassis size of a 1998 Ford F350 Bus?

All F350 series ford trucks/vans etc. are one ton chassis

Where do you find a chassis number on a truck?

Where do you find the chassis number on a 1999 Ford F250 truck

Where can you find a chassis number of ford ikon?


Where is the oil filter on a 1993 ford capri?

under the bonnet

What car manufacturer makes the CAPRI?

Ford. Mercury also made the capri for a few years in the US under license.

Would a 1.6 mk1 Ford Escort be fast with a 2.0 Ford Capri axle?

how fast is a ford v8

Was the Mustang body put on another frame to boost sales of a not so popular model ford?

The Mustang traditionally shared common chassis with other vehicles. The 1964-1/2 through 1973 Mustang shared a common chassis with the Ford Ranchero, Ford Falcon, Mercury Cougar, and Mercury Comet. The Mustang II (1973 - 1978) shared a common chassis with the Ford Pinto and Mercury Bobcat. The 1979 - 1993 Mustangs shared a chassis with several vehicles, including the Ford LTD, Ford Fairmont, Ford Thunderbird, Lincoln Continental, Lincoln Mk VII, Mercury Capri, Mercury Cougar, Mercury Marquis, and Mercury Zephyr. It wasn't until 1994 that the platform used by the Mustang became proprietary to that vehicle, as the Fox platform was upgraded to the SN95.

What is the track width of 1993 ford ranger chassis?


How do you remove the steering wheel in a ford capri?

big bolt cutters

Ford Ranger stereo?

Mercury capri glove box light.

What is the ford engine out of with casting number 711M6015BA?

capri, cortina, escort

What was the first year the ford bronco came out?

1966 Ford came out with the small, boxy bronco (First Chassis) 1978 Ford Bronco went full size (Second Chassis line) 1980 Ford gave the bronco independent front suspension (Third Chassis line) 1996 Last year of the bronco

Where is obd connector on a 97 winnebago adventurer ford chassis?

Assuming it's on a Ford Econoline chassis, it should be under the dash on the driver's side (which is typical of most vehicles).

Will a 1973 Ford F-250 4x4 chassis fit a 1979 f250 4x4?

will a 1973 ford f-2504x4 chassis fit a 1979 f-250 4x4

Ford f350 chassis vin location?

where is the vin located on a ford f350 frame 1989

What chasis was Ford Mustang first built on?

It was built on the Falcon chassis