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What are the cheapest fuel injectors for a 1991 Honda civic hatchback How would you go about changing them?

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April 12, 2006 4:10PM

hmmm cheapest injectors will probably be at your local parts store and as for changing them ........... step 1 remove the wiring harness from the injectors careful not to lose the clips that hold the plug to the injector then remove the 2 10mm nuts that hold the harness to the fuel rail step 2 remove the fuel lines both supply (left side ) and return (right side) from the fuel rail step 3 then remove the 3 10mm bolts from the fuel rail remove the fuel rail all injectors should come out of the intake with the fuel rail make sure all o-rings are still on the ends of the injectors if not look in the hole to make sure it is still there if not it will have to be replaced u can o-rings a the parts store also step 4 to remove the injector(s) that are bad by gently twisting and pulling the injector from the fuel rail step 5 to replace the injector all u do is push the new injector back into the hole on the fuel rail where the old injector came ( to make it a little easire u might want to put a little oil or petroleum jelly on the o-rings) step 6 reverse the instructions 1-3