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What are the cheat codes for SpongeBob boating bash?

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9 but one of them are actually an answer to a question...

go to ex at the mainmenu and type invisable.

You have to play through story mode.

There are multiple SpongeBob Wii Games such as "Atlantis SquarePantis", "Globs Of Doom", "Truth Or Square", and "Boating Bash"

SpongeBob's Boating Bash happened in 2010.

SpongeBob's Boating Bash was created on 2010-03-02.

As far as i can tell, -and I'm very disappointed about that- none. I tried about a dozen of cheat codes without success. Maybe was I not doing the codes properly (I hope so) or the greatest hits version of Crash Bash is really inconsistent with the codes.

If you want it just go to ok

I know three. The anser is level5 fart and slow

friends for ever because how i knew is because i was just typing words in codes and it said cheat approved and it unlock ifinite lives and i thought it was a glitch and played all day i am a big fan for spongebob!

try If there are even any cheats im sure that's where you can find them.

You Cant .All you can do is change the color .

You should press the red button on your Sky remote, and it will guide you from there.Hope this helps

Press 2 on the Wii Remote to accelerate. I hope I answered your question! -

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SpongeBob Round Pants, with the official title of the new episode being "To Square Pants, or Not to Square Pants".

No, but you can use a Wii Remote, Wii Remote with Nunchuk or the steering wheel accessory.

ngkidsrox and birthday bash and discovery and bedbuddy

You are lucky that all of them are gem codes one is discovery and pawsome i think.And there is birthday bash a birthday code please do not blame me if im wrong

On a computer Bash is a Unix shell and command language.

The children were holding a birthday bash. He took a bash in the face.

No, baby bash is not dead.

bash is located in /bin/bash.

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