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What are the cheats to the sims 2 double deluxe work?



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there are plenty of cheats for this game. One is "motherlode" (without the quotes) for 50,000 simoleons. You can put this cheat in as may times as you want. "force_twins"- to make a pregnant sim have twins. "MaxMotives" -(pretty self-explanatory) "MotiveDecay off/on"-stop motives from reducing. "Aging off/on"-stop aging and there are plenty more that i cant think of right now.Maybe you should Google the rest.:)

A good secret is to make santa Claus come. Get a room with nothing but a fireplace, cookies, and a Christmas tree. have your sim light a fire, and then go to bed before 12pm. At 12 pm Santa will appear and give you presents, such as a flat screen tv, a pool table, a lamp, or chess board. Those are the things I've gotten so far. I hope this helps!

To get full personality points, make a person with no personality points. Get a chemistry set, and have them make a potion. Keep making them do it until you get a yellow one. Have them drink it and a thing will come up saying their personality points are permanently reversed! Here's what other color potions will do:

Blue: (Most common) Makes you feel great (fulfills all needs)

Red: Someone will fall madly in love with you.

Orange: Turn invisible for an amount of time.

Purple: Become Frankenstein for a limited time.

Green: Evil clone.

Pink: (Can only be made by Sim's with the guinea pig disease.) Cure for guinea pig disease.

Black: (Rare) Change Sim's face, hair, and skin color.

Another cheat is to get more money. First you click "ctrl" then "shift" and then the letter "c" then a line will come up on top of your screen, you will need to type "expand" then type "kaching" the same way I did, then press "enter" up enter up and watch your money grow.