Rocks and Minerals

What are the chemical properties of a mineral?

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What properties of mineral depend on its chemical composition?

ALL of the properties of a mineral depend on it's chemical composition.


It is simple: each mineral has different chemical and physical properties; also the chemical composition is different.

What are the environmental factors affecting mineral resources?

It depends on chemical and physical properties of mineral.

Which is determined by the type and arrangement of atoms in a mineral?

chemical properties

What is a geological mineral?

inorganic chemical compounds with a wide rage of physical and chemical properties.

Why chemical properties are not always used to identify minerals?

Testing the chemical properties of a mineral might damage the mineral sample. Also, these tests can be complex and may require expensive equipment.

What is the difference between Isomorphic mineral and polymorphism?

*isomorphic have different chemical and physical properties and poly morphous have same chemical and physical properties

What are the chemical physical and optical properties of gems?

Each gem (or mineral) has specific chemical and physical properties. For detailed informations consult the link bellow.

What two factors control the properties of a mineral?

Chemical composition and internal arrangement of atoms

What mineral should I do on my project?

umm i believe the chemical properties of topaz are most fascinating

Why does each mineral have its own properties?

The properties are affected by its chemical composition, method of formation, crystal latticework, and environment surrounding its formation.

Which of the following mineral is used more for its chemical components than for its physical properties?

Atomic Structure

What is the properties and uses of the mineral phosphate?

the properties and uses of the mineral

What determine the properties of a mineral?

this is determined by the properties of an ore an a mineral

How do scientist classify minerals?

Minerals are classified by chemical formula, composition, physical properties, optical properties, and special properties. The Dana Classification System is a chemical classification for minerals, and the Strunz Classification System (chemical-structural) are two systems designed for mineral classification.

Why does each mineral have their own properties different from every other mineral?

Because they each are made of different elements and therefore have different chemical compositions.

How are the properties of a mineral related to chemical bonds?

Compound with ionic bonds have higher melting and boiling points.

What are all the properties in the minerals?

Answ2. The properties of a mineral are its chemical composition, melting point and freezing point, density, colour, streak, cleavage and so on.

The properties of a mineral depends on?

The properties of a mineral depend on its chemistry and atomic bonding.

Explain why scientists consider ice to be a mineral?

Scientists consider ice to be a mineral because it is found naturally in nature. Ice has certain properties such as density and chemical composition leading it to be identified as a mineral.

Are man made diamonds a mineral?

According to Wikipedia's definition of mineral, no. "A mineral is a naturally occurring solid chemical substance formed through biogeochemical processes, having characteristic chemical composition, highly ordered atomic structure, and specific physical properties."

Do the properties of a mineral depend on the type of mineral?

Yes each different mineral will have a unique set of physical properties.

7 properties of a mineral?

color, hardness, chemical composition, system of crystallization, refractive index, luster, magnetic properties, radioactivity, fracture characteristics, etc.

What is mineral oil and what are its physical properties and its formula?

What is mineral oil and what are its physical properties and its formula

Is krypton a chemical or physical properties?

dose krypton has a chemical properties and chemical properties

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