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What are the chemical properties of carbon?


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December 05, 2009 3:01AM

As unique and interesting as carbon is in its pure form, the real magic of carbon comes from its ability to serve as connecting block in a chemical Mechano Set that we refer to as "Organic Chemisty".

As the name implies, Organic Chemistry is the chemistry of life. But it is also the chemistry required to produce fuels, solvents, plastics, dies, pharmaceuticals and much more.

One of the properties that makes Carbon unique is its ability to create four covalent bonds allowing it to link to itself in order to create carbon chains of various lengths and configurations, or to connect to non-carbon atoms in order to form compounds with unique and specialized chemical properties.

Hydrogen plays a special role in carbon chemistry as an "end adapter" ... Wherever a Carbon atom connects to a hydrogen atom the carbon chain ends. This special relationship between carbon and hydrogen is so important that it leads to study of a class of chemicals knowns as "Hydrocarbons" which consist of combinations of only Hydrogen and Carbon atoms.