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What are the chronological development of sociology in the Philippines?


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July 01, 2009 9:33AM

The development of Sociology in the Philippines can be divided into three categories (1) when in it regarded as a Social Philisophy, (2) when it is regarded as a welfare or problem oriented, and (3) when it is geared more towards scientific orientation.

I. Sociology viewed as a Social Philosophy started at the University of Santo Tomas when Fr. Valentin Marin initiated it with Criminology, which was followed by A.W. Salt and Murray Bartlett at University of the Philippines - Manila and by Clyde Helfin at Siliman University - Dumaguete. This approach lasted until the 1950's.

II. As a problem or welfare oriented approach of the study was introduced by the first Filipino to acquire a Ph.D in Sociology and has written the book, An Introduction to Sociology, in 1938 - Serafin N. Macaraig. He attempted to introduce the scientific view of Sociology but it became a failure since he was using a substandard theories in courses and teachers orientation.

III. By 1950's, Socioly was introduced with more emphasis on its scientific orientation. Which was done by (a) increasing the number of Sociological student grantees, (b) establishing social science research centers, (c) growing frequencies on seminars, and (d) publication of journals. This had made the people aware of the importance of sociological facts in the decision-making process.

In the Philippines at recent, more studies had been undergone to give a future solution to the recent wars in the Mindanao.

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