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The majority of states do not have emancipation status. Those that do set the minimum age for the petitioner at 16-years old. The basics are, the minor must be gainfully employed with enough income to pay for housing, utilities, food, clothing, medical coverage/care, transportation educational needs if applicable and so forth. The court requires documented evidence of the minor's ability to handle the cited issues. The minor is responsible to pay all court costs and any other legal fees that may arise. The average cost of filing an emancipation petition is between $250 and $300. The average time between the filing and the court hearing is 3 to 6 months with an additonal 2-3 months after the hearing before the judge makes a ruling on the matter.

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Q: What are the circumstances to get emancipated even if you don't have your parents' permission?
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If you dont have permission to get emancipated by your parents can you still get emancipated?

Emancipation is done by petitioning a court. Parental permission is not necessary.

Is it tresspassing to enter your parents home to get your property with no permission after you moved out?

if your under 18 and not emancipated i dont think so

How old to you have to be to get legally emancipated in Florida without parentgaurdian permission?

you have to be an adult witch is 18 years old if you dont live under your parents roof

How do you get your parents to sign emancipated papers if they dont want you to go?

You can't, obviously.

Can you get emancipated in the state of California if your parents do not consent?

yes you can you just have to met requirements and prove to the judge that you can support yourself live on your own you have a leagul way to make money and know how to it be at least 14 and you dont want to live at home as well as youre parents dont mind or you can join the arm forces; get married with parents permission.

What is the legal age to drop out of high school with a parents permission?

16.with permission. 18.without permission. but please dont do it. it stoopid

Can a 12 year old girl get a piercing?

yes but only by parents permission at 16 you dont need permission

How can you convince your parents to give you permission to buy an ipod touch?

you dont need one

Can a 16-year-old live with a boy in Pennsylvania with or without her parents permission?

it depends what ur parents are like or else dont count on it!

Can a 12year old change the way they spell their first name?

not unless they have their parents permission, but if you dont have their permission you can spell your name differently around friends and non official things. :)

Your parents are divorced and you dont want to live with either one how can you leave and live with another family member?

This is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Consult the specific laws for the state and county in which you reside for the rules that apply. In most states, any 18 year old is considered an adult and is capable of deciding when and where they reside. They have the ability to contract for housing. SOME states allow minors to become emancipated under specific circumstances, but this is not just a matter of filling out some paperwork. A minor is the responsibility of their parents until such time as they reach the age of majority or are legally emancipated. The parents are required to provide for the support of their minor children. If the parents give permission, in this case the parent with custody, the minor can live in another location. Such permission does not relieve the parents of the responsibility to provide support. If the parents do not give permission, the minor can be considered a runaway. Charges may apply to individuals that aid and abet such runaways, particularly if they are under the age of consent. In some states it is my understanding that this is not enforced for 17 year olds that leave home. If you are subject to abuse, you should contact social services for your area. They will assist you in getting out of the bad environment and into a safe place.

You and your girlfriend are both 16 she is pregnant and you want to get married both her and your parents agree with it but do you have to worry about her not being under her parents full custody will?

no u dont once she has permission of 1

If im 14 and want a tatto without parent consent help?

I dont think that you hould get a tattoo without your parents permission.

If you are 16 and pregnant can you move in with the father with your parents' permission?

Yes you can i have done the same thing as long as your parents appropve. Honestly they dont even have to approve if you live where i live in Nc.

In the state Florida how old do you have to be to get birth control without parents permission?

you can go to a free clinic and tell them you dont want your mom knowing

I dont live wit any biological parents i live with my aunt and uncle and in order to live with a different aunt would i need to be emancipated?

you will be emaciated b4 your freedom comes

How can an 18 year old get emancipated from parents even though they are in high school?

You dont have to get emancipated you are legal, but do the smart thing stay in school until you graduate, don't let the freedom get to you.Some people are very tempted to stop participating in school when they can do what they want and GOOD LUCK!!

How do you get emancipated if you are 17?

I dont think you can. This depends on the laws of the country/state you live in of course. Your parents or legal guardian will allways have certain responsibility, even if you are allowed to marry, this unless the person whom you marry are emancipated. Then He/she takes over. It still vary with different laws in different states/countries.

Can a 18 year old immigrant be adopted to a us citizen if parents permission?

idk it might depend on what state your in but as long as they are legal immigrants i dont see why not

Who are Mindless Behaviors real parents name?

if you know mindless behavior as a close friend or a family member ask foe there permission or thereparents permission and if the say yes then DO IT DONT BE SO STUPID 1,4,3 SMILLEY WITH A WINK STAY MINDLESS

Can you get emancipated in nebraska for not getting along with your parents I dont get along with my parents that much anymore im sixteen and i can support myself i make 900 dollars a month?

Not getting along with your parents is not enough to justify emancipation, or there wouldn't be a teenager living at home anywhere. And $900 a month is below poverty level.

If a minors parents dont care for them and they are on probation can you get emancipated?

If a minor parents dont take responsibility for them and they are on formal probation can they get emancipated Answer You can ask Social services to help you do this if this is what you want. I feel so bad for the children in these situations growing up in an unloved home, it is criminal. All children have a right to a good home so if you are not happy then go get help. Ask for advice from your local Council if you don't know where to get it. I hope you find what you need, if not then ask me more on my message board by clicking on my username.

Do you have a chance of being emancipated if you are 16 with a job and your parents don't want you around anymore?

Depends on your state. Not all states have an emancipation statute that allows minors to become emancipated. But having a job and being able to support yourself is one of the key components. Yes, but you have to be able to prove what you say. Why dont you want to be around your parents and why do you say they dont want you around? Those are the things you'll have to prove. Im sorry if this is the way your parents are, you should be loved unconditionally from your parents no matter what, they brought you in this world you didnt ask to be here and they belong helping and guiding you every day. Take a hug from me I have extra... Good luck.

Can you switch schools without your parents permission?

No first of all they are your parents and to do something like that its not ok to not ask them. but im pretty sure they would need a signature or something and if you are under 16 or dont have a license who is gonna take you to skool?

If a girl under the age eighteen was pregnant in Arkansas could she get emancipated without her parents consint in the state of ga?

well emancipation means filing for adult status, basically its like divorcing your parents. I dont think you have to have their permission to file for it but the minor in question has to be able to prove to the courts that she's able to fend for herself, financially and everything. ********* A minor can only petition for emancipation in the state where they are a legal resident, so if you're not a resident of GA you cannot petition for emancipation there.