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How many types of insurance do we have in Nigeria


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There are not any classes that teach you about different types if insurance. You could call an insurance agent and ask them whats right for you. They will help you figure out what you will need. You could also research different types of insurance on the internet to help you decide.

The roles of insurance in economic development of nigeria

Explain the organisational structure of insurance companies in nigeria

Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation was created in 1988.

the need for developing insurance business in Nigeria

Go to and type in "insurance classes". You will get accurate results.

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There are two main types of courts in Nigeria, there are the inferior and the superior courts.

A number of insurance are available from Barclays Insurance. This includes: 5 types of home insurance, 3 types of travel insurance, car insurance, student possessions insurance, 3 types of student travel insurance, 3 types of life insurance and 2 types of health insurance.

Go to and type in "online insurance classes". You will get accurate results.

There are classes to become an insurance agent. Each state offers liscensing classes to obtain your producer liscense.

Probably fraud like everything else involved with Nigeria.

Yes, Safeco Insurance does offer many types of motorcycle insurance. Motorcyclists with a history of driving safely, that have taken safety classes, even belonging to a biker club can be offered discounts!

If you are taking insurance classes at an institution of higher learning that is able to offer credits you will be able to take insurance classes for credit.

There are many different types of insurances that are offered by North Auto Insurance. These types of insurance include auto insurance, renters insurance, and home insurance.

coffee beans grow in Nigeria I should know because I'm from Nigeria

there are two types of insurance 1. Life insurance 2. General insurance

Assurant Direct offers the following types of insurance: life insurance, health insurance, accidental death and disability insurance, and other types of insurance as well.

Insurance plays a very significant role in the economic development of Nigeria. With the insurance covers, more people are able to take the risk on investment which greatly boosts the economy.

Modern insurance start effect in nigeria early 1920 century that was when early british merchants established trading out post on west africa coast

it is a insurance where exporter as well as importer in mutual understanding under go for insurance for thier goods

There are two types of insurance companies: life insurance companies and casualty and property insurance companies.

There are online insurances classes available. It depends on what you are wanting to learn. Selling insurance does not offer as many options, but if you are buying insurance, there is plenty to learn.

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