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What are the classification of computer?

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What are computer classification by size?

What are computer classification by size?"

Classification of computer according to speed?

classification of computers according to speed?micro computermini computermainframe computersuper computer

Classification of microcomputers?

what are the classification of micro computer

What is the classification of computer according to its capacity?

What is the classification of computer according to its capacity?

Classification of computer according to generation?

Classification of computers?

What is classification of a computer?


What is the Classification of computer by type of data handled?

classification by type data?

What is NUFNET as a classification of computer network?

nufnet as a computer network

Classification of Computer storage devices?

What is the classification ofcomputer storage.

According to purpose?

classification of computer

What are the classification of tools in PC hardware servicing?

4 classification of tools use in computer

Classification of computer by data handle?


What are the classification of computer software?

the word is the story.

What is Flynn classification of computer architecture?


What is the classification of the computer by purpose?

1 Mainframe Computer 2 Super computer 3 Pocket Computer 4 Mini Computer

What are the three classification of a computer?

according to me according to size super computer mini computer work stations

Classification of computer-?

Computer is a object that is a way of communicating. A computer is used for almost everything in today's world.

Define computer Briefly describe classification of computers?

A computer is a machine that is able to be programmed to perform tasks. Classification is based on application, size, brand, and model.

What is the difference between classification of computer and classified computer?

A classification of a computer would be the grouping of computers into a distinct type, for instance analogue or digital computers. A classified computer is one which is deemed to be secret in design or containing classified information.

Differentiate flynn's classification and feng's classification in computer architecture?

Flynn's Classification is in terms of Instruction and Data Stream but Feng's Classification is in terms of bit parallelismand word parallelism

What level of computer expert classification does Spock hold in Star Trek?

Spock holds an A7 classification.

Classifications of computer?

classification of computer are like tower type computes and desktop type

Discuss the classification of computer?

The computer is an electronic device that performs mathematical and logical calculations. Analog computer, digital computer and hybrid computer are the classifications of a computer.

Where on the computer classification list is the mini computer?

Look at the computer manual or read the back of the battery or hard drive.

A new hospital needs a computer that can support hundreds of users. What classification of computer does the hospital need?

mainframe computer

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