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The classification of vegetables according to flavor are sweet, sour, salty, etc.

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Q: What are the classification of vegetables according to flavor and aroma?
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Flavor to taste as is to smell.?

Flavor is to tast as aroma or odor is to smell.

What are the aroma vegetables for soup?

Onion, garlic, or cabbage will add aroma to soup.

What are synonyms for flavor?

taste, seasoning, savour, relish, smack, aroma

What is the role of herbs in cooking?

Primarily to enhance or add flavor and/or aroma

What is the difference between flavor and aroma?

simply, aroma is perceived by the nose (smell) and flavour is perceived by both mouth and nose(taste and smell)

How can you describe the aroma or flavor of cinnamon?

Tangy I think that would be the easiest word you could describe it with

What would be the purpose of any drops of infused oil be on a salad plate?

aroma, flavor and appearance.

Why is aroma is increased when vegetables are cooked?

because the heat makes the smell more stronger

Two general categories of hops?

Bittering and Aroma. Bittering hops are high in alpha acids, at about 10 percent by weight. Aroma hops are usually lower, around 5 percent and contribute a more desirable aroma and flavor to the beer.

Why do coconut flakes have a strong flavor?

Coconut flakes are strong in coconut flavor because of the flavor compounds naturally found in coconut. Any coconut byproduct has a distinct coconut smell or flavor. Even coconut oil has an aroma of coconut.

What are the compounds for a great coffee?

Great coffee involves aroma, and taste. Compounds enhance certain portions of the aroma. Damascenone adds a fruity, or honey-like aroma. Furfurylthiol adds to the roasty smell. mercaptomethylbutylfornate adds a catty, roasty flavor.

What is the use of spice crop?

spice crop are distinctly classified because they give an agreeable flavor and aroma to the food

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