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What are the classification of vegetables according to flavor and aroma?


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The classification of vegetables according to flavor are sweet, sour, salty, etc.

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a flavor is a taste whilst an aroma is a smell

Flavor is to tast as aroma or odor is to smell.

Onion, garlic, or cabbage will add aroma to soup.

Primarily to enhance or add flavor and/or aroma

taste, seasoning, savour, relish, smack, aroma

simply, aroma is perceived by the nose (smell) and flavour is perceived by both mouth and nose(taste and smell)

Tangy I think that would be the easiest word you could describe it with

Bittering and Aroma. Bittering hops are high in alpha acids, at about 10 percent by weight. Aroma hops are usually lower, around 5 percent and contribute a more desirable aroma and flavor to the beer.

Coconut flakes are strong in coconut flavor because of the flavor compounds naturally found in coconut. Any coconut byproduct has a distinct coconut smell or flavor. Even coconut oil has an aroma of coconut.

because the heat makes the smell more stronger

Great coffee involves aroma, and taste. Compounds enhance certain portions of the aroma. Damascenone adds a fruity, or honey-like aroma. Furfurylthiol adds to the roasty smell. mercaptomethylbutylfornate adds a catty, roasty flavor.

spice crop are distinctly classified because they give an agreeable flavor and aroma to the food

The difference between key lime juice and lime juice is the aroma and the flavor. Key Limes have a flavor more similar to a lemon.

Asafetida has a taste and aroma reminiscent of sauteed onion and garlic. It is used in most vegetarian and lentil dishes to both add flavor and aroma and reduce flatulence.

John Geoffrey Carr has written: 'Aroma and flavour in winemaking' -- subject(s): Analysis, Flavor, Flavor and odor, Wine, Wine and wine making

sunlight can definitely spoil your beer, it will heat up and relase the oils from the hops and give it a skunky aroma/flavor

It won't give the same flavor, at all. Parsley is very mild and not very aromatic. You might want to combine it with oregano, thyme and/or marjoram to get more flavor and aroma.

Yes, there are two general types or styles of gin. The first styles is in the category of Dutch gin. The second category is that of English gin. The difference between these two styles is as follows. Dutch gin tends to be full flavored and full bodied and has a malty flavor and aroma. The English gin style gin is light in flavor and body but carries a more aromatic flavor and nose. This type of gin instead of the maltiness like the Dutch has more flavor and aroma of citrus and dry spices.

It has a significant citrus hop flavor and aroma. With a light malt after taste. Very refreshing beer!

Soak fresh rosemary in olive oil at room temperature until the oil takes on the flavor and aroma of rosemary.

Corriendar or Corriendar seeds are one of the spices that are used used in cooking to give flavor and aroma. It is widely used in Indian Food.

When cooking the meat in the oven cover with foil during the first half of the cooking process. This way it seals in all the juices and the aroma will be strong because the meat it juicier.

I suggest reading the book Coffee Flavor Chemistry, there are literally hundreds of different chemicals that contribute to the flavor and aroma of coffee. Many of them are esters. Even the simplest ones in the mixture have long chemical formulas.

Vanilla is used simply as a flavoring, so nothing else will change other than the aroma and flavor of the cookies.

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