What are the cleaning supplies and procedures?

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When cleaning the floor, I usually sweep out the dust first. Or you can use a vacuum cleaner. Then I mop the floor after so the remaining dust particles are cleaned out too.
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What is the procedure for cleaning your condenser?

Unplug or at least power down the unit. For an air conditioner or similar appliance, Spray it with the garden hose. It is recommended to allow the unit to dry before powering back on. To remove heavy deposits, use a nylon or other soft bristed brush (so as not to score the metalic surface of your co ( Full Answer )

What happens if you swallow cleaning supplies?

Answer 1 . Depends on the cleaning supplies. It ranges from mild headaches to almost instant death.. Answer 2 . Call an ambulance, and unlock your doors in case you are not conscious when they arrive. . Answer 3 . Check the label on the product you're referring to. In an emergency situat ( Full Answer )

Describe the procedure of deep cleaning?

To get deep cleaning, you first get local anesthesia so that the procedure is comfortable. Then you would get a scaling deep in the gums where you have pockets. At the end, you might get a disinfectant liquid injected in your gum pockets.

Room cleaning procedure?

The room cleaning procedure is given below: Put all the garbage in the bag or bin. Recycle what you can allabout in your home. Next take all dishes/food out of your room and put them in theirproper place. Now pick up all the towels and put them in the bathroom or in thehamper. Now pick up all dirty ( Full Answer )

What are the correct cleaning and sanitizing procedures for pots and pans?

You put them in a kitchen sink and wash them in hot water and dishwashing liquid, using a scourer if necessary. You then dry them and put them in the cupboard with the lids on , to keep any bugs or mice out of them. Anything beyond that is unnecessary and might indicate an abnormal fear of germs. Th ( Full Answer )

What are the procedures in cleaning a hotel?

what are the 4 potential risks associated with the refusal to follow the proper cleaning procedures in.1 guestroom, bathroom, hadling soiled linen

What are cleaning supplies?

Brooms . Dustpans . Mops . Dusters (feather or hypoalergenic) . Cloths/Cleaning rags . Detergents and soaps . Bleach (very good cleanser when mixed with water, also sanitizes.For sanitizer mix 2 liters water with 1 tbsp. bleach) . Sponges . Gloves (to protect hands) . Just a few many more ( Full Answer )

Step by step super cleaning procedure in room cleaning?

Some tools you may need before you begin . rags, old cloth baby diapers or paper towels . hamper . garbage bag . Swifter duster (optional) . free hour to clean . Look at your bedroom floor, anything that's on the floor it in the center of the room. You'll deal with it all later when I sa ( Full Answer )

Identify at least five cleaning supplies needed in cleaning?

The five things you need to clean an oven: . Powerful oven cleaner (alkaline, adhering to the oven surface and capable of removing carbon in cold action). . A Schoch-Brite pad. . A Plastic scrapper. . Paper-towel. . Two pieces of cloth

What supplies do i need for my cleaning service?

If you're doing a cleaning service, here are the things you must have: Rubber gloves Towels or Rags Mops, brooms, brushes. Clorox(good for disinfecting) Toilet bowl cleaner All purpose cleaner

Guidelines and procedure in cleaning a guest room in hotels?

There are many way to clean the guest rooms but I think that the better procedure of cleaning the guest rooms are belows: a) Follow the procedure how you enter in the guest rooms. b) If guest is not present inside the room then must you check for the bathroom. c) then the first step is to ope ( Full Answer )

How do you dispose of cleaning supplies in a restaurant?

Because it is a retail establishment, and as such bound by the laws in the US related to EPA and chemical disposal laws, the restaurant must provide a secure receptacle for toxic or potentially harmful chemicals. Many restaurants are switching over to the new biodegradable cleaning agents to elimin ( Full Answer )

Why is synthetic cleaning supplies bad?

If you want to protect the environment then synthetic materials is not the best thing to use. Synthetic just means something that contains chemicals, in other words,"fake stuff'. It can still be used, but if you use it too much it will begin to infect the environment and yourself with all the harmfu ( Full Answer )

Where do I find an assembly and cleaning procedure for a ROHN model 66?

This is a .22 revolver. One blog says that this is such a poorlymade revolver that it was banned by the Gun Control Act of 1968.The takedown and reassembly instructions for the Colt SAA aresimilar to this gun. Again, it is seen as a gun suitable for decoronly.

Procedure for which juice cleans pennies best?

step 1:have cups for the juice . step 2:pour the juice in the cups, pour juice half way . step 3:drop in pennies that are dirty . step 4:leave pennies for a while like 20-30 minutes to let chemicals come together . step 5:take out the pennies and compare them to see which is cleaner ( Full Answer )

What do you do in cleaning procedures in KFC?

Well, this is a tough questions, because it depends on what part of the store you are asking? Lobby, bathroom, outside, kitchen, storage areas, prep area, packing area, drive thru, etc. There is set standards for each area of work. Lobby and bathroom are pretty simple. We have sanitizer buckets, cha ( Full Answer )

What is the recommended procedure for cleaning a computer fan assembly?

Wipe as much as you can off of it with Windex, Water, or any other cleaner. Then take Canned Air and spray the dust right out of it. If you cant get Canned Air, blow it HARD with your mouth, if you cant blow it with your mouth, ask someone else to do it.

What supplies would you need to clean your chimney?

You can either hire a professional, or clean the chimney yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, you will need a chimney brush, a good vacuum, some form of coverings for furniture to prevent the dust from reaching it and a dust mask with goggles.

Where can someone find a clean air supply?

The best place you can find a clean air supply is out in nature itself. You can find clean air supply among plants trees and various vegetation. Clean Air is also found near moving water (such as lakes, oceans, rivers, oceans and beaches). A surprising location for clean air supply is outside right ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of using green cleaning supplies?

There are many benefits to using green cleaning supplies. Green cleaning supplies are made without using harsh harmful chemicals, by using them you are saving you and your family from harmful chemical exposures. Also you can easily make your own green cleaning supplies using products you have around ( Full Answer )

Which stores sell cleaning supplies?

You can go to almost any department store like Wal Mart, or pharmacy like Walgreen's and they supply everyday items. My suggestion is if you want to to be sure before you go to a certain store, call the store you are visiting and call ahead, just so you don't waste your time. I recommend any dollar ( Full Answer )

Who sells green cleaning supplies wholesale?

Of many the brands that sell green cleaning supplies, Brightly Green and All-Green are two names that come to mind as wholesale retailers of many green products. The products the sell include bags, buckets, and other various cleaning supplies.

What type of cleaning supplies are used in cleaning counter tops?

It depends on the material the counter top is made of. If the counter top is made of granite one shouldn't use acidic cleaning products, but use warm water and soap instead. Wooden counter tops can be cleaned with water and baking soda. The same can be done with counter tops made of stainless steel. ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase carpet cleaning supplies?

Carpet cleaning supplies can be purchased in stores as well as online. Walmart and Lowes are two big name stores that carry supplies. You can also order them online at P&G Pro Carpet Cleaners or Jondon.

What is the procedure for cleaning knit boots?

Knit boots, or other knit items, can be cleaned with a mild cleaner such as Woolite in the gentle cycle of most washing machines. The preferred way, of course, is hand washing.

Where can one get window cleaning supplies?

One can get window cleaning supplies online or in stores. Walmart offers many different types of window cleaning supplies. One can also buy these same products online from sites such as Amazon.

Where is the place to store gun cleaning supplies?

Most people store their gun cleaning supplies in a convenient tote or box that is kept near where the guns are stored or where they clean them. If you have a large gun safe it would be easy to store the supplies in the safe along with the guns.

What supplies does one need to clean a bathroom?

To clean a bathroom one needs a number of supplies. They need toilet cleaning liquids and a toilet brush. They need shower cleaning sprays and water to clean the tiles and around the sing. Anti bacterial wipes can be used to clean around surfaces and door handles. A vacuum cleaner can be used to cle ( Full Answer )

What is the procedure for cleaning your computer registry?

The procedure for cleaning ones computer registry require basic steps. First, one must close all programs and files. Second, one must back up all important documents in case something unexpected occurs. Last, run registry cleaner program and let it fix all errors that are found.

Where can someone buy janitorial cleaning supplies?

Oxychem Supplies Important Janitorial Cleaning Supplies andEquipment - Mops, Brooms and Brushes The way in which is conventional of flooringis definitely very hard and backbreaking. You've got to carry thebucket all over with yourself. This means is very painstakingbecause until such time you ar ( Full Answer )

Which supplies do you need for chimney cleaning?

In order to clean a chimney properly you would need: Rods, glaze remover, chimney brushes, pellet stoves, dryer vents, hand brushes, chimney cleaning systems, chemical soot removers, to name a few.

Which procedure is recommended when cleaning inside a computer?

First and foremost you want to ensure that the computer is shutdown correctly and the power supple switch has been turned off. Next you want to unplug the computer from the outlet. Once you open the computer it is extremely important that it is on an anti static surface and you are wearing some sort ( Full Answer )

What is the procedure to clean cafeteria table?

1. Prepare the disinfectant solution from the custodial dispensingmachine. 2. Mix fresh solution everyday Rinse a clean sponge,squeeze well and wipe the cafeteria table to disinfect it. Don'tforget to remove excess water from the table 4. Change the solution regularly. Discard it in a sink 5. Instr ( Full Answer )