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What are the climate and geography in Virginia?

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Virginia has a humid, subtropical climate (a humid continental climate in the mountains) with hot summers and relatively mild winters, though outbreaks of cold and snow/ice do occur. These are less common on the coast, and more common in the mountains and to the north. Thunderstorms are a common occurrence in the spring and summer, though don't turn severe as frequently as they do in the US South and Midwest. The coast is somewhat prone to tropical cyclones, which more frequently bring flooding rains than any storm surge or widespread wind destruction. Snowfall averages only a few inches on the coast, to a few feet or more in the mountains. Average snowfall is about 18 inches around Washington.

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Virginia had a hot,humid climate and good soil that was well suited to growing crops.

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The terrain or geography of colonial Virginia consisted of mountain, valleys, and coastal plains. The soil was fertile and the climate during the summer was hot and humid.

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The Virginia Colony, as part of the south, had very hot and humid summers. It also had significant rainfall, which did make it a good area for farming.

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Climate is a key factor in geography. As climate continues to undergo changes over the decades and centuries, it is important to understand these changes and their effects on various geographies.

The climate of early Virginia was warm. Because of this climate it is possible for the farmers to grow crops all throughout the year.

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