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Q: What are the code numbers on sparkling pets adoption center?
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Coupon code for adoption center in indigo?

no its not

Where Can You Get Webkinz Adoption Codes?

You can get the adoption codes by buying a webkinz. There should be a tag on the stuff animal's ear or paw and the code should be on that. Then enter the code in the adoption center and you should get your new pet!

Can I you have a webkinz code that is not in use?

you can if you just keep on trying at the adoption center!

Were do you put th coupon code in on Pokemon indigo?

in the adoption center

How do you use your ganz estore feature code or secret code?

You open up the tag, go to the webkinz new member sign (Or if you have an account log in and go to the Adoption center) and type in the numbers and letters inside when Ms. Birdy tells you to type in the code. But NEVER share your code

What is the secret code for a white terrier webkinz?

You will need to buy a webkinz white terrier and enter the code it comes with in the adoption center

How can you use an unused webkinz code?

You have to enter it. Go to the adoption center or click first time here.

How do you adopt a Webkinz without a tag?

Yo can't. You need the tag, which has a secret code that you type in at the Adoption Center.

A Webkinz pet code?

a webkinz pet code is in the tag tied on to your webkinz leg. open it up and type the code in at the adoption center at webkinz. that is what they are for and what they are. yours truly, AZIKOvird

What is the webkinz code to the frog?

here are are the codes 117yur5h 4769jd8v ctrl+m+g 115yuihd 88ry5ui 117yur5h All at the adoption center!

How do you get a free love frog on Webkinz?

Go to the adoption center of course. But you have to go there first thing you do when you log on. Enter the code 4769jd8v. Then, you will have a love frog

Do the Webkinz adoption cheats Work?

yes they do but you have to get to that one first but some are fake the code must have 8 letters/numbers long hope this helps you

What is the code for duck on polly pocket sparkling pets?


What is an adoption code for a Webkinz pet?

An adoption code is the code a Webkinz comes with to 'unlock an online world'. The only way you can get an adoption cod is to buy a Webkinz or Lil'kinz. Each Webkinz comes with its own code so you can start an account or add a pet to your collection.

What are kinz klip?

kinz klips are small webkinz with clips on top but they dont give you a webkinz online, they give you features, and you enter the code at the feature shop not adoption center

What is the webkinz adoption code cheat?

It is 53475876587GT

What is polly pocket sparkling pets secret code for a monkey?

84 the answer is 60

What are Webkinz codes?

well, webkinz codes are used at the adoption center on they help your virtual pet come to life!can i have a code for all of the webkinz.

What is a free unused Webkinz adoption code?


Can anybody have an unused webkinz adoption code?


Does anyone have a webkinz adoption code?

Each code is different so it's impossible to know the code exactly.

Where is your HSC board center if your center code is 0381?

HSC board center if center code is 0381?

What is the Webkinz code?

1)The webkinz code is when you buy a webkinz and there is a code on it. 2)You then make an account on 3) After that, you type in the code in the adoption center. 4) Name your pet. 5) Feed it. 6) Have fun!!! um you buy one at a store and adopt it online with the code

If I have a Webkinz and a code how do you sing up?

fist e-mail me your secret code and i will trade with you...go to the adoption center and fill out the page than voila done!!! p.s my e-mail address is glade to have helped

If you create a build a bear book then you get a code and where do you enter the code?

you go to the adoption dude then click the second option and enter the code