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Ford Wire Colors For Radio Installs MEM Green/Yellow ACC Yellow/Black GND Black Right Front Spkr POS White/Green NEG Black/White Left Front Spkr POS Orange/Green NEG Black/White Right Rear Spkr POS Pink/Blue NEG Green/Orange Left Rear Spkr POS Pink/Green NEG Pink/Blue YES I KNOW Pink/Blue IS USED TWICE. I GOT THIS OFF THE NET, AND NOW AM GOING TO TRY TO INSTALL MY NEW RADIO/CD. Hope This Helps You!!

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โˆ™ 2005-09-05 18:52:15
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Q: What are the color codes for a 1995 Ford Taurus wiring harness?
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A 1997 Chevrolet Silverado radio wiring harness color codes chart can be obtained from most Chevrolet dealerships. The wiring harness color code chart can also be obtained from most auto-parts stores.

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The best idea is to purchase a wiring harness adapter, these are readily available on eBay for around $20.

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buy the wiring harness adapter for 14.99

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For a few dollars you dont need color codes, just go buy a harness for the new system. It clips right in to the old wiring, and takes about 3 seconds. Its so much easier.

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i know, burnt it.

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don't know, but the solid green is power with key only. I use it for a backup monitor

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i got a Chevy k 5 put a 350 in it every thing works but it wont get any spark it is a carb motor in a fuel injection wiring harness

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I have a Lincoln VII LSC installing a Jensen stereo, have one harness with amplifie. I need the diagram on the color codes for the wires to the stereo and the harness #CK-WHFD2

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I want to know the wiring color codes of the Toyota corolla 2006 car radio.

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don't even try to cut them you need a special wire harness to change out the radio cause its in the trunk hard to do

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The color codes are different depending on the model and year. Your best bet would be to go to a best buy, circuit city, or aftermarket stereo shop and buy the wiring harness for your car. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

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Does a cheap harness effect your vehicles electrical system?

Inferior wiring and connectors can impact performance, but cost doesn't always translate to quality. You may find that the harness is inexpensive because of overstock, etc. Any replacement wiring harness should have the same color wiring as the original factory harness.

What are the wiring color codes for car stereo in a 1997 Monte Carlo?

AnswerJus buy a wiring harness at ur local audio store it will plug right into ur existing harness and is only 13$ok everyone knows u can buy a wiring harness but what if someone that u bought the car from has already cut it and disposed of the piece u need... and u need the wiring pattern but cant find out... once i figure it out ill let everyone know...